Climate Change Fact Sheets

The Davey Institute has produced a series of fact sheets that summarize the effects of climate change projected to impact our industry over the next 30-70 years.

View our Executive Summary for the Climate Change Fact Sheet Series for Background.

The impacts of the average temperature of Earth increasing are readily apparent and projected to intensify including effects on temperature, precipitation, sea level, storm intensity, tree health, pest pressure, wildfire, and worker safety.

Select your region to view what changes you can expect (PDFs):

Climate Change Fact Sheets

Climate Science Webinar Series

Dan Herms, Vice President of Research & Development for The Davey Institute, hosted a series of webinars outlining the impact of climate change on arboriculture and Davey's response to the changing environment.

Select your region from the list below to view the corresponding webinar recording:

Climate Change Hardiness Map

Interactive Future Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Trees in your yard are already adapted to the local climate. So as the climate changes, they find themselves in a situation they aren’t accustomed to, and this can stress them out and make them susceptible to drought, insect infestations, and disease infections.

See how your region's climate is shifting and the impact it has on planting so you can better understand how it may affect your landscape.

Environmental Urban Forestry Case Studies Alternating 640X426

Connecting Trees As A Green Infrastructure For Climate Change Resilience

Trees are green infrastructure that contributes to climate change resilience through the important ecosystem services they provide.

For example, trees sequester and provide long-term storage of carbon, decrease stormwater runoff, conserve energy through shading and reduction in urban heat, and filter air pollutants.

Services provided by the tree care industry including tree planting, health care, and preservation are important adaptations that contribute to climate change resilience.

The magnitude and economic value of the ecosystem services generated by an individual tree, or an entire urban or natural forest, can be easily quantified using i-Tree, which is a suite of software tools developed through a collaboration of the. U.S. Forest Service, Davey Tree, Arbor Day Foundation, and other partners.

Davey In The News: Climate Change News & Updates


How to beat the drought with less watering, smart planning

In this Boston Globe article, arborist Daniel Cohen of Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, talks about the best practices for watering during a drought.
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Vito Monteleone 07 2021
Promotion & Appointment Press Releases

Davey Promotes Monteleone to Operations Manager, Midwest, CLS

Vito Monteleone promoted to operations manager, Midwest, Commercial Landscaping Services (CLS).
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Sam 2652
Davey In The News

Weathering Water Restrictions: How to Save Your Landscape From the Effects of Drought

In this article, Chris Fields-Johnson, technical advisor at the Davey Institute, discusses caring for your landscape during a drought.
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Dsc 8563
Davey In The News

2 The Outdoors: Damage to New York's trees starting to take its toll

In this WGRZ article, Tom Anderson of Davey’s Buffalo office talks about beech leaf disease and how to deal with it.
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Sftt Stacked 2 002
Davey In The News

José Ramírez Field to debut in 2023 through partnership with Guardians Charities

This article discusses a partnership between the city of Cleveland and Guardians’ player José Ramírez to build a new baseball and softball field where Davey Tree will be planting 30 trees as a part of the Swing for the Trees initiative.
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Preview 1775003
Davey In The News

Beech bum: A microscopic bug is threatening trees in Massachusetts

In this GBH article, Josh Fritz from Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, discusses beech leaf disease in Massachusetts.
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