Utility Line Clearance

Davey experts work with utility clients to identify their vegetation management goals, and select the proper maintenance program - manual, mechanical, or herbicide applications - to maintain their right-of-way corridors.

Partnering With Utility Companies To Provide Line Clearance Programs Designed To Ensure Reliability

Davey’s utility services include everything from distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance to utility forestry consulting services and custom herbicide applications. Our experts work with clients to identify their vegetation management goals and select from manual, mechanical, and/or herbicide applications to provide right-of-way corridor maintenance.

Additionally, we partner with utility clients for storm recovery and emergency services to help restore power during and after natural disasters. Having these pre-established agreements in place before storms hit helps to ensure our professionally trained crews are organized and dispatched when you need it most.

We view training as fundamental to a safe, efficient, and quality workforce. That’s why we developed the Davey Career Development Program (CDP) for utility line clearance arborist training, as well as all of our service lines. This program certifies and documents each of our industry professionals has learned and demonstrated their proficiency in the required safe work procedures of a qualified utility line clearance arborist.

Trimming around power lines

For Homeowners: Tree Trimming Near Power Lines

As a homeowner, you may be concerned when trees encroach the power lines on your property.

If you suspect your trees are growing close to energized power lines, immediately reach out to your local energy company to avoid any dangerous outcomes.

The utility works with various professional tree contractors, such as Davey, who are specially trained to trim trees near high voltage equipment.

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For more than a century, Davey has provided the solutions utility providers need to keep their customers happy. From vegetation management and asset management to make-ready engineering services, we can help you reach your goals with expert service and a commitment to quality.  

Utility trimming near residential home

Tree Trimming Near Power Lines vs Residential Tree Trimming

When it comes to trees and other vegetation near utility power lines, utility companies and homeowners often have different objectives. Utility companies are legally required to address trees on their rights-of-way, and each utility company has a vegetation management plan that considers the unique characteristics of their region and electrical system to mitigate any potential tree hazards.

Trees that are beyond the right-of-way (typically by 10 feet or more) can be safely trimmed by tree care professionals without extra utility skills training. Reach out to your local Davey office if you’d like Davey to trim your trees.

Here are some other frequently asked questions:

  • Who is responsible for trimming and removing trees around power lines?
  • What is the difference between Davey Utility Line Clearance and homeowner tree services?
  • Why do you say that Davey is not in my area when I see their trucks?
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Our Commitment To Safety

Keep it Safe! is a universal motto among Davey's employee owners. Regardless of geographic location, job class, or work environment, Davey employee owners share a common goal - getting the job done safely. For Davey employees, safety is more than a line on a job description or a condition of employment.


NERC Compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) works to ensure the reliability and security of the overall power system.

Davey Resource Group helps utilities comply with NERC regulations regarding the proximity of vegetation near high-voltage transmission lines through a variety of approaches including:

  • Foot Patrols
  • Aerial Patrols
  • TVMP Compliance
  • Tree Trimming & Clearance

Featured Client Success Stories

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Belt Railway Company Of Chicago Boosts Safety & Efficiency Through Vegetation Management

Davey’s Rail Division cut back encroaching vegetation in crossings and areas with signage to ensure Belt Railway Company of Chicago’s continued service to over 100 industries safely.
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Davey’s Rail Division Clears Overhead Canopy & Encroaching Brush In Support Of The Indiana Rail Road’s Maintenance Program

By utilizing an all-encompassing vendor to provide mechanical and herbicide solutions, Davey’s Rail Division provides timely and efficient vegetation control on railways throughout southern Indiana and central Illinois.
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Electric Investor-Owned Utility

Safety-Focused Crews Surpass 2,000 Incident-Free Days

A line clearance crew working in Tennessee and Virginia passed 2,000 days without an OSHA recordable incident while working on rough terrain.
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Electric Investor-Owned Utility

Constant Communication Helps Davey Crews Stay On Track During Covid-19 Crisis

By coordinating daily reviews of frequently changing regulations, the Davey crews are able to safely provide an essential service to Florida utility customers during a global pandemic.
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Electric Investor-Owned Utility

Wolf Tree Steps In To Complete Reclamation Project

When a contractor leaves midway through ROW reclamation project in Kentucky, Wolf Tree, Inc. stepped in to get the job done.
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Davey Completes Hurricane Michael Cleanup On Short Deadline

Davey crews mobilized quickly to help Talquin Electric clear hazard trees from lines after Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle, avoiding additional outages during a time of recovery.
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