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Premium Wood Mulch & Delivery Services

Bulk mulch manufacturer and wholesale supplier for Chicago & Twins Cities

Davey provides locally sourced bulk mulch delivery in the Chicago and Twin Cities areas. Commercial landscapers, garden centers, and landscape contractors make their properties shine with sustainable wholesale mulch products, made from locally ground trees.

Our high-quality mulch is ground in our own facilities from projects we manage locally and delivered in our own trucks, for a true end-to-end solution. We have the experience, production capacity, and supply chain to get you the products you need when you need them.

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Quality Mulch Products, Guaranteed Delivery

Our mulch products come from local sources to our processing facilities and are delivered to your job sites on our own vehicles. By owning the entire supply chain, from acquisition to production to delivery, we’re able to give you the reliability you need and the quality products you expect to make your customers happy.

We know that for you time is money – and an unreliable vendor just won’t cut it. We guarantee delivery of our mulch products, and we stand behind our commitment to quality and customer service.

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Mulch Services for Chicago

Mulch Services for Minneapolis/Twin Cities

Don't Take Our Word For It,
Here's What Our Customers Say

"We have been a client of Davey for our mulch for many years. They have hands down made our business easier because of their prompt service and product. We have clients and a job schedule that is very demanding and Theresa and Rick has never let us down. We recommend Davey to anyone that needs friendly and reliable service."
- Heins Nursery

"Working with Twin Cities Wood Products has been an absolute pleasure as a customer. Availability of product is never in question and they provide quality products at an affordable price. Their Client Experience Coordinator, Theresa, follows through and ensures all commitments and promises are met; if not exceeded. The relationship that has resulted from excellent customer service will keep me utilizing Twin Cities Wood Products into the foreseeable future!"
- Chuck Jennings

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What Are the Benefits of Mulch?

Nothing completes a landscaping project like a layer of premium mulch. And in addition to a clean, finished look, mulch helps protect roots and organic matter content, keeping plants and trees healthy year after year.

From soil improvements to added protection for root systems – and even sustainability, the benefits of mulch make it a necessity in almost every project.

The Benefits of Davey Mulch:

  • Improved moisture retention
  • Improved soil pH
  • Increased root density
  • Increased mycorrhizal density
  • Improved organic matter content
  • Decreased soil bulk density
  • Weed suppression
  • Increased sustainability vs. mass-produced product

Wood Grinding Services

If your jobsite has a large amount of wood and green material that needs to be disposed of, Davey offers on-site wood grinding services as well. Our team of professionals can evaluate the project and provide a free estimate. Most of our grinding projects are cost-neutral, and we ensure quality work and outstanding service.

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