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  Emergency Storm Response

Davey delivers on our promises and is prepared to organize and dispatch professionally trained crews throughout North America. Our depth of resources ensures quick and reliable service delivery, as well as innovative service offerings and strategic planning options, such as storm restoration contracts.

To mobilize a utility storm response team, contact us 24 hours a day, and we will coordinate an immediate response based on our network of nationwide resources.

Once the initial contact has been made, current needs established and the immediate response team mobilized, a local Davey emergency coordinator will be designated. We understand communication is critical, and the emergency coordinator can assist during your time of need, handling all communication and additional resource requests.

When you call on us to respond to an emergency, you can be assured Davey crews are qualified with all necessary credentials, including OSHA training and DOT certifications. Additionally, seasoned Davey Resource Group personnel can provide field inspections for compliance and safety, damage assessments and notifications, and expert data collection.

Emergency Utility Storm Response Contact Information

**Please use these numbers for utility storm response requests only. For emergency tree care services for your home or business, you will need to contact your local Davey office. If you are calling outside of business hours, your local team will respond to your request by the next business day.

US: Eastern Operations

Marc Owens
Phone: 800-447-1667 Ext. 8156
**After-Hours Pager:  800-447-1667 Ext. 1420

US: Western Operations

Larry Evans
Phone: 925-443-1723 Ext. 3350
**After-Hours Pager: 650-315-1328

Canada: Alberta Operations

Dan Gregory
Phone: 780-428-8733 Ext. 7643

Canada: British Columbia Operations

Mark Turnbull
Phone: 1-800-667-8733 Ext. 2070

Canada: Manitoba Operations

Randy O'Neil
Phone: 204-599-5901

Canada: Ontario Operations

Darran Malcolm
Phone: 1-800-465-6367 Ext. 2024

Canada: Saskatchewan Operations

Chris Johnson
Phone: 306-652-8733

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