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Davey's right-of-way vegetation management solutions include reliability-focused work planning, landowner notification, community education, program evaluations and systems reviews

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Utility Vegetation Management Solutions Driven By Efficiency & Safety

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) prides itself on a client-centered approach: customized services for YOU. That means being responsive to your needs.

Our solutions for vegetation management on the right-of-way include reliability-focused work planning, landowner notification, community education, program evaluations and systems reviews. Additionally, we can provide regulatory compliance reporting and documentation, comprehensive management programs and technology solutions.

We are committed to bringing the greatest accuracy, versatility, and electronic compatibility to your program. We have found that our engineered work plan increases efficiency in customer interaction, leading to an increase in cost-effective vegetation removals.

Our engineered right-of-way maintenance programs are holistic. We help you reduce workloads, off-ROW hazard trees, and tree-conductor conflicts through a removal program that is based on safety, tree species, growing sites, line construction, and outage potential.

Committed To Delivering Expert Vegetation Consulting Services

Project & Program Management

Project and Program Management

Supporting our clients’ utility vegetation management (UVM) programs.

Safety Audits

Safety Audits

Helping crews comply with safety standards of utility and contract companies.


Storm & Disaster Recovery Assessment

Providing personnel support for immediate storm and disaster recovery.

TGR Solutions

TGR Solutions

Reducing tree trimming maintenance to slow tree growth near power lines.

Vegetation Work Planning

Vegetation Work Planning

Prescribing vegetation management work for trimming crews along transmission and distribution rights-of-way based on the needs of the utility.

Workload Studies

Workload Studies

Evaluating daily operations for crew work efficiencies, utility vegetation management programs, and hazard tree assessments.

Storm Hardening

Storm Hardening

Identifying areas for maintenance improvement to proactively withstand major weather events.


Our Commitment To Safety

Keep it Safe! is a universal motto among Davey's employee owners. Regardless of geographic location, job class, or work environment, Davey employee owners share a common goal - getting the job done safely. For Davey employees, safety is more than a line on a job description or a condition of employment.

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For more than a century, Davey has provided the solutions utility providers need to keep their customers happy. From vegetation management and asset management to make-ready engineering services, we can help you reach your goals with expert service and a commitment to quality.  

Drone & Utility Lines

Technology Solutions That Solve Real Problems

The utility industry has embraced advancing software and technology that helps utility work become easier. From digitalization of data to automated diagnostics, utility technology has grown exponentially since its beginnings. The Davey Utility Solutions team has embraced these technologies with just as much enthusiasm, integrating the latest advancements into our service offerings.

NERC Compliance

NERC Compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) works to ensure the reliability and security of the overall power system.

Davey Resource Group helps utilities comply with NERC regulations regarding the proximity of vegetation near high-voltage transmission lines through a variety of approaches including:

  • Foot Patrols
  • Aerial Patrols
  • TVMP Compliance
  • Tree Trimming & Clearance

Featured Vegetation Management Work

Sustainable Tree Planting 4
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

DRG Helps San Diego Gas & Electric Meet Sustainability Goals

DRG assists SDG&E with its Sustainable Tree Program, a tree planting program that helps the utility reach its goal of planting 10,000 trees annually.
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Utility Css Monarch Ccaa Banner 1440X500
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

DRG Helps Utilities Ramp Up Sustainability Efforts Using Pollinator Habitats

DRG helps utilities such as PHI and BGE enroll and stay compliant in programs like the Monarch CCAA that put environmental conservation at the forefront of ROW vegetation management.
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Utility Css Duke Energy Banner 1440X500
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

Davey Resource Group Uses Advanced Technology To Reclassify Oak Tree

When a protected historic tree adjacent to substation construction posed a safety risk, Davey Resource Group, Inc. was able to help prove internal decay and get the greenlight for removal.
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Utility Css San Diego Plant Eradication Banner 1440X500
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

Plant Eradication Pilot Saves SDG&E Time & Money

DRG’s Century plant eradication pilot uses chemical applications in place of costly off-cycle pruning to kill the pesky plant, which poses a safety risk to San Diego Gas & Electric distribution and transmission systems.
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