Mitigate Risks & Identify Opportunities For Safety Improvements

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) safety audits help ensure crews comply with the safety standards of utility and contract companies, as well as those recognized throughout the utility forestry industry. DRG’s safety experts review everything from the condition of equipment to rigging techniques to mitigate the level of risk crews encounter as they remove and trim vegetation along rights-of-way. 

DRG meets with crews during morning safety meetings and reviews safety tailboards to understand every job site and identify risks. In addition, DRG safety personnel observe when crews perform work to ensure all team members stay out of harm’s way. 

Whether observing in-house or contract utility crews, DRG safety auditors are fair and serve as their advocates, not their adversaries. The goal is to help crews perform their jobs safely so they can make it home every night. 

Unlike other safety consultants, DRG has vast resources and can leverage the many experts within Davey across different fields such as line clearance, mowing, and chemical applications. 


Our Commitment To Safety

Keep it Safe! is a universal motto among Davey's employee owners. Regardless of geographic location, job class, or work environment, Davey employee owners share a common goal - getting the job done safely. For Davey employees, safety is more than a line on a job description or a condition of employment.

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