Preserving Memory: Cemetery Landscape Services

Create A Serene & Unique Space Through Cemetery Grounds Management

Cemeteries are places of peace. Well-kept, pleasant-looking green spaces provide a place for visitors to reflect on and honor memories, share stories, and find comfort while enjoying an outdoor space. Ensuring memorial gardens and cemetery grounds are tended to through grounds management and grave care provides visitors with the peace of mind that their loved ones are taken care of.

Davey’s team of highly qualified professionals understands a cemetery’s role in preserving history and providing a park-like space for visitors to connect with nature. Whether it’s trees, turf, gardens, or water and hardscape features, Davey helps to provide a personal touch with sole source efficiency.

cemetery landscape services

Maintaining Tranquil Spaces

Cemeteries are unique public spaces that require nuance to properly provide landscape care. The turf, trees, plants, and hardscapes are more than just ornamental pieces, they provide a peaceful atmosphere for visitors to reflect. Davey understands the respect, care, and delicacy required to maintain these meaningful spaces.

Hear From Our Clients

Katharine Goss, President and CEO, Lake View Cemetery

“It’s very critical to be a steward of the vision of our founding fathers who wanted this to be a place for eternity. Being able to partner with a quality company that can bring so many resources to the table for us is very important. It works very well with Davey.”

Marilyn M. Brandt, Chief Operating Officer, Lake View Cemetery

“There’s a comfort level and trust level knowing that Davey has resources they can reach out to. It just makes sense to have that relationship, this partnership. I don’t have to reach out to 5 or 10 different contractors to get 1 project done.”

Cemetery Landscaping Services

More Than A Service Provider − A Partner

  • Arboretum Accreditation Support
  • Educational Programs & Internships
  • Grant Writing Expertise
  • Public Relations Support
  • Sponsorships

Featured Commercial Services Work

Washelli Cemetery.4

DRG Helps Washelli Cemetery In Seattle Manage Disease Among Lombardy Poplar Trees

Davey Resource Group used a tree risk assessment to catch the spread of stem canker disease among Washelli Cemetery’s Lombardy poplar trees in Seattle.
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Ewing Banner Image

Davey Helps Bring New Life To Historic Ewing Cemetery

Davey crews perform a variety of projects to continue Ewing Cemetery’s mission to be a gathering place for families and visitors.
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Commercial Case Study Cypress Banner 1440X500

Historic Cypress Lawn Cemetery Maintains Park-Like Atmosphere With Davey Partnership

Cypress Lawn, a premiere Bay Area cemetery, leverages its strategic partnership with Davey to keep up maintenance on over 3,000 trees.
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St Joseph Banner 1440X500

Preserving Tranquil Spaces At Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services Of Oakland

CFCS manages nine cemeteries that vary in size throughout the Bay Area in California. With a list of locations that vary in size, Davey crews ensure each spot is treated with the individual respect it deserves.
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Commercial Case Study Lakeview Oh Banner 1440X500

Paying Respects Through Unparalleled Grounds Maintenance Services At Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Lake View Cemetery is not only a resting place for lost loved ones, but also a destination for visitors in Cleveland, Ohio. With winding roads, large canopy trees, and beautiful botanical gardens, Lake View Cemetery needed a forward-thinking partner to keep the grounds in top shape.
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Woodlawncemetery Banner 1440X500

Award-Winning Landscapes At Woodlawn Cemetery Maintains Safe & Aesthetically Pleasing Grounds For Visitors

Davey’s dedicated crew maintains the sprawling grounds at legendary Bronx, New York-based Woodlawn Cemetery.
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