Transform Your Campus Into A Safe, Welcoming Learning Environment

Your campus is a part of your identity as a college or university. And when it comes to making a great first impression with students, parents, and guests, a beautifully maintained campus landscape can make all the difference. From flower beds and mulch to turf management, tree care, and snow removal, campus landscaping helps you provide an inspiring atmosphere that reinforces your commitment to quality education.

Our team of experts can help beautify and maintain your campus landscaping all year long. Our crews are trained in the latest sustainable landscaping techniques and can help you reach your environmental stewardship goals. We’ll work with your staff to design or maintain pollinator gardens, utilize native plants for a resilient landscape, or coordinate no-mow areas.

Whether you need a turnkey solution or a more consultative relationship, our team of highly trained professionals can provide the insights, expertise, and quality service you need to keep your campus running smoothly.

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Create A Safer Campus

When students and guests are on campus, you're responsible for more than making a great first impression. Damaged or weakened trees can fail at any time, and harm property - or worse, pedestrians. Davey’s team of certified arborists uses a combination of visual inspections and advanced technology to determine which trees present the greatest safety concerns.  

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Leaders In Sustainability

Providing sustainable value for our clients is a fundamental element of who we are as a company. We’re committed to preserving native species and promoting responsible land use and maintenance, and we can work with your staff to provide sustainable landscape solutions. Our team of experts can help with everything from planting native species to collecting and utilizing stormwater, to reduce your environmental impact around campus.

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Make A Great Impression

To say that your campus landscaping can have an impact on how people perceive your institution is an understatement. Along with a safe, sustainable campus, making the first impression with students, faculty, and parents can help boost your image and reputation. Our experts can highlight the natural beauty of your campus and help give you an advantage in recruiting and admissions.

The ability to trust and understand that I am dealing with a professional, that I can rely on for proper and correct the answers on what is the best for the district. That, in my opinion, is priceless.

Don Dias

RCSD Bond Program Director | Red Wood City Schools

Featured Commercial Services Work

Siu Campus Aerial

Davey Tends To Trees At Southern Illinois University Campus In Carbondale, IL

Since 2009, Davey has partnered with the midwest-based university to maintain the trees on campus.
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Sullivan High School In Chicago Uses Rain Garden To Create Hands-On Learning Experience

Davey Resource Group installed a rain garden at Sullivan High in Chicago which became a hands-on learning experience for the school’s biology students while also helping to reach the school’s sustainability goals.
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Tree Planting At Shrewsbury, MA Elementary School Combines Educational Outreach & A Strengthened Urban Forest

Davey Resource Group turned a tree planting into an interactive experience with K-4 students at Walter J. Paton Elementary by allowing the kids to participate in the planting while Davey experts explained the process.
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Rcsd Banner Image

Aiding In The Preservation Of Historic Trees At Mckinley Institute Of Technology

Davey has helped Redwood City School District preserve its historic oak grove on the McKinley Institute of Technology campus for more than 25 years.
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Ec Project Profile Cambridge Ma Banner 1440X500

MIT’s Tree Inventory & Management Plan Maintains Healthy Urban Forest In Cambridge, MA

DRG helped prestigious university MIT gain a clear understanding of their tree assets and forestry management needs by performing a comprehensive tree inventory.
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Juanita High School Banner 1440X500

Tree Inventory Assesses Condition Of Trees Surrounding Newly Built High School In Kirkland, WA

DRG completed an inventory and management plan to identify priority tree care concerns for the property of a newly constructed high school in Kirkland, WA.
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