Mckinley Institute Of Technology

Davey has helped Redwood City School District preserve its historic oak grove on the McKinley Institute of Technology campus for more than 25 years.

Redwood City School District (RCSD) in California’s Bay Area has been educating PreK-8 students for more than 100 years. Offering students a wide variety of options on 16 campuses, each school has its own unique emphasis, classroom approach, and personality. McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) is a middle school in the district that specializes in hands-on learning with coding, keyboarding, and expanded use of technology for kids in grades 6-8.

MIT is housed in a building originally constructed in 1927 and updated to 21st century standards. Along with keeping the original architecture, MIT is home to several trees that are over 100 years old. The school believes that green spaces are important for children to experience as much as possible and wanted to preserve these historic campus trees.

Since 1996, Davey Tree has helped maintain the trees on 100 acres of green space on Redwood City School District properties, including a 250-year-old valley oak tree as well as a tree planted in memory of a former MIT teacher. Davey arborists use their expertise and a comprehensive plant health care program to preserve the trees on the school’s campus.

Davey was originally chosen because of their scientific approach to tree care. More sophisticated than just removing dead trees or pruning live ones, Davey arborists approach tree health with a personalized and holistic plan that considers regional pests and diseases, local climate impacts and the overall condition of the landscape.

Gwen Minor, a teacher at MIT, is passionate about the preservation of the school’s beloved trees. Gwen has applied to numerous grants to receive funding for educational projects on the campus’ grounds, including an acorn rearing planter. These projects help teach the kids about plant life and build more community support for the existing trees to be preserved on the MIT campus.

Davey understands RCSD’s passion for green spaces on school properties. Through their partnership with Davey, RCSD trusts that their students will be surrounded by serene and safe landscapes for many years to come.

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