Tree Health Inspection

Protecting Your Green Investments

Davey has been rooted in tree care since 1880.

Davey’s certified arborists can help ensure your trees are well-maintained and properly assessed for any safety risks.

We approach plant health care (PHC) by combining preventative and therapeutic treatments to provide trees and shrubs with everything they need to thrive. A comprehensive PHC program takes the entire property into account and is managed holistically. View our PHC treatment options.

Commercial Tree Fertilization Services

We help you preserve your commercial tree and landscape investment through comprehensive plant health care, including regular monitoring services and the application of Davey’s patented products such as Arbor Green PRO®, Phosphorous-free Arbor Green, or Arbor Green Xtra plus B, each specifically blended for various regions and plant types.  

These slow-release fertilizers help recover lost nutrients to improve the vigor of your trees.

Commercial Tree Pruning Services

Properly pruned trees not only aesthetically impact the impression of your property but also ensure the safety and long-term health of your trees.

Routine tree pruning maintenance helps stimulate growth and remove any dead or broken branches that leave your tree vulnerable to tree infestation or disease.

We are bonded, insured and TCIA Accredited, with arborists on staff, to provide professional tree service to a variety of commercial properties and municipalities.

Tree Fertilization

Comprehensive Plant Health Care Treatment Options

We use a variety of techniques to maintain healthy trees and nurse sick or weakened trees back to health. Some options for your property may include:

  • Provide supplemental mineral nutrition with Davey’s patented fertilizers such as Arbor Green PRO®, Phosphorous-free Arbor Green, or Arbor Green Xtra plus B, to replace minerals lost to competition with turf grass or when leaves are raked
  • Preventive or therapeutic treatments for insect problems
  • Preventive or therapeutic treatments for disease problems
  • Various techniques to loosen compacted soil and add organic matter
  • Recommendations to remove turf grass if necessary and replace it with a mulch ring to enhance soil moisture, reduce competition for water and minerals, and improve the soil's physical properties
  • A program to regularly visit your property throughout the season to catch potential issues before they become big ones
Commercial Property Assessment
Commercial Property Assessment

Get In Touch With Us

We’re proud to offer comprehensive, expert tree care and landscape maintenance services to commercial properties like yours. Our teams of certified arborists provide outstanding service that only comes from local knowledge, and our staff is trained to help you get the most from your landscapes.

Japanese Beetle Infestation On Trees Davey Tree Control Japanese Beetles

How To Prevent & Repair Trees From Pests & Diseases

Tree insects and tree diseases can quickly turn your tree assets into liabilities.

Our plant health care program uses detailed property evaluations to single out insects and diseases that will harm your trees. Using this method, our certified arborists will look for signs of tree disease or pest invasion, such as:

  • Thinning canopy
  • Undersized or discolored leaves
  • Uncharacteristic leaf drop
  • Sawdust-like material at branch unions or around the base
  • Small holes in tree bark
  • Proactive tree treatments can potentially catch pests or diseases before they start, reducing the number of infestations and costs while conserving and promoting the health of your local ecosystem.

Featured Commercial Tree Care Work

A&F 5
Class A

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Leans Into Natural & Sustainable Aesthetics At New Albany, OH Corporate Headquarters

Davey Tree’s long term partnership with Abercrombie & Fitch Co. provides unique outdoor landscapes for employees to enjoy, including manicured natural areas and scenic views.
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Davey Helps Extended Stay America Maintain Safety Goals Through Tree Maintenance

Extended Stay America prioritizes the comfort and safety of their guests, both inside the hotel and in outdoor spaces. Davey is on call at any Extended Stay location, pruning and removing trees that pose a safety hazard or security risk as needed.
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Residential/Mixed Use

Davey Preserves Natural Landscapes With Long-Time Partner Lake Barrington Shores, IL

Lake Barrington Shores is an active residential community known for its sprawling nature preserves. Davey crews are on-site regularly to maintain the development’s natural beauty.
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Dsc 5513

Davey Tends To Trees On Historic River Farm In Alexandria, VA

Davey Tree has partnered with the American Horticultural Society to maintain the trees on River Farm, the home of the society’s headquarters formerly owned by George Washington.
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Commercial Css Trihealth Banner 1440X500

Landscaping With Surgical Precision At TriHealth In Cincinnati, OH

Davey crews are on-site at least once a week at six separate locations in the TriHealth medical system. With four of those locations offering 24/7 emergency rooms, safe and accessible landscaping is a top priority.
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Rcsd Banner Image

Aiding In The Preservation Of Historic Trees At Mckinley Institute Of Technology

Davey has helped Redwood City School District preserve its historic oak grove on the McKinley Institute of Technology campus for more than 25 years.
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St Joseph Banner 1440X500

Preserving Tranquil Spaces At Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services Of Oakland

CFCS manages nine cemeteries that vary in size throughout the Bay Area in California. With a list of locations that vary in size, Davey crews ensure each spot is treated with the individual respect it deserves.
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Commercial Case Study Lakeview Oh Banner 1440X500

Paying Respects Through Unparalleled Grounds Maintenance Services At Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Lake View Cemetery is not only a resting place for lost loved ones, but also a destination for visitors in Cleveland, Ohio. With winding roads, large canopy trees, and beautiful botanical gardens, Lake View Cemetery needed a forward-thinking partner to keep the grounds in top shape.
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NAS Pensacola Community Center B
Military Base/Military Family Housing

Davey Tree Crews Show Gratitude For Our Armed Services By Maintaining The Landscapes Of The Housing Units At NAS Pensacola

Davey crews provide comprehensive grounds maintenance on 350 acres of residential areas that house the Blue Angels and military personnel at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida.
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Certified Arborist Tree Care

Certified Arborists & An Accredited Company

Our certified tree doctors are committed to you and the health and safety of your trees. ISA Certified Arborists have taken the opportunity to further their education and apply their advanced skills to every client interaction.

Davey is also recognized as an accredited tree care company. Our TCIA accreditation represents our position as a tree service company committed to safety, expertise, and professionalism.


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