Davey crews are on-site at least once a week at six separate locations in the TriHealth medical system. With four of those locations offering 24/7 emergency rooms, safe and accessible landscaping is a top priority.

TriHealth is the parent company for a hospital system that has served the Cincinnati area since 1995. With five hospitals and three mixed-care facilities, TriHealth is responsible for thousands of patients and visitors that walk through their doors in Greater Cincinnati.

With that much foot traffic, TriHealth not only has to think of setting a strong first impression but also the safety of the medical centers’ campuses. Since 2019, TriHealth has partnered with Davey Tree to perform grounds maintenance on six branches in their system.

Davey crews are present on the grounds of each medical facility at least once a week to perform mowing, pruning, mulching, and tree care services. During harsh Ohio winters, Davey crews plow and salt the snow-covered parking lots and icy walkways. Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) and the local Davey offices collaborate with on-site crews to perform invasive plant removal and tree healthcare on an as-needed basis.

“Long-term relationships are critical with TriHealth,” Jack Reynolds, Account Manager for Davey, said. “To be able to make one phone call, whether it’s related to mowing or a tree limb that’s falling, the problem is solved.”

Four out of the six branches on Davey’s roster include 24/7 emergency rooms, which require an extra amount of care to ensure safety for patients, visitors, and staff who are either entering the area through the parking lots or via helipad at any time.

Davey understands the importance of accessibility for healthcare facilities, especially locations that treat patients in emergency situations. Through their partnership with Davey, TriHealth can feel assured that their patients and visitors will be surrounded by serene and safe green spaces and spend more time focusing on the health of their patients.

“It’s our vision that when a patient or family arrives here, they see something healthy,” Jeff Disrud, Director of Facilities at TriHealth, said. “We work with Davey to create spaces where people feel safe.”

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