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Davey Resource Group leverages a team of consultants and scientists to achieve land management goals and enhance natural areas using the latest techniques in environmental design and ecosystem restoration, including ecosystem planning, endangered species consulting, and natural areas management and consulting.

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Achieve Your Land Management Goals & Enhance Natural Areas

Well maintained ecosystems such as forests, streams, and wetlands provide vital wildlife habitats as well as important water quality services including stormwater mitigation, sediment control, and overall reduction in water resource contaminants.

Davey Resource Group, Inc. develops strategies to achieve land management goals and enhance natural areas through environmental design and ecosystem restoration.

Our team includes invasive vegetation technicians, botanists, and certified ecological restoration specialists. We have extensive experience assessing natural resources, developing comprehensive restoration plans, performing construction, seeding, and planting, and performing long-term maintenance and monitoring.

Along with ecosystem restoration work, our group of experts can also help with ecosystem planning, endangered species consultingnatural areas management, and natural areas consulting.

We Are Committed To Delivering You Expert Environmental Design & Ecosystem Services

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Consulting

Provide GIS data collection, land cover mapping and field surveys for wetland and non-wetland animals and plants.

Natural Areas Management

Natural Areas Management

Improve ecosystems by enhancing wildlife habitat, restore native vegetation and controlling invasive species.

Ecological Restoration

What Is Ecological Restoration?

Ecosystems are valuable communities of plants, animals, and microorganisms that can be damaged, degraded, and destroyed by human activity. Ecological restoration revives damaged or degraded native ecosystems by creating the conditions needed for recovery so the communities that inhabited the area can re-establish. This can happen through invasive species removal, planting native species, plant reintroduction, and more.

Featured Environmental Design & Ecosystem Restoration Work

Project Profiles Ft Sheridan Banner 1440X500

Ft. Sheridan Ravine & Coastal Restoration, Highland Park, IL

Davey Resource Group performed shoreline stabilization, habitat restoration and native planting along 1.5 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.
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Project Profile Queens Ny Sw Eder 0722 Banner 1440X500

Wetland Delineation & Field Surveys, Queens, NY

Davey Resource Group performed a field delineation of federally regulated wetlands in New York as well as a number of surveys and reports to facilitate design project plans that reduce impacts to wetlands according to regulatory requirements.
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Project Profile Clinton Township Nj Sw Eder 0722 Banner 1440X500

Wetland Delineation & Environmental Consulting, Clinton Township, NJ

Davey Resource Group performed natural resources studies, environmental documentation, environmental permitting, and agency coordination of dams and dike rehabilitation in Round Valley Reservoir.
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Project Profile Sea Girt Nj Sw Eder 0722 Banner 1440X500

Rare Species Monitoring & Protection Services, Sea Girt, NJ

Starting in 2007, Davey Resource Group conducted rare species monitoring and protection services and habitat management at the Sea Girt National Guard Training Center in New Jersey.
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Project Profile Montgomery Township Nj Eder 0722 Banner 1440X500

Ecological Features, Desktop Analysis & Wetland Delineation For Proposed Solar Installation, Montgomery Township, NJ

Davey Resource Group conducted a desktop analysis of ecological features on property in Montgomery Township, NJ, to preliminarily determine its potential for solar development. This analysis included review of wetlands, hazards, riparian zones, species presence, and permitting requirements.
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