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  Endangered Wetland and Non-Wetland Species Consulting

Davey Resource Group, Inc. provides turn-key endangered species consulting services. This includes surveys that confirm the absence or presence of threatened and endangered wetland and non-wetland plant and animal species.

DRG thoroughly communicates with environmental consultants, developers and other clients so obstacles or endangered species findings are immediately known, helping to minimize the impact on the timeline of a project.

Through our ongoing training and expertise, we ensure our initial habitat reconnaissance studies maximize the data we collect. From our findings—which includes GIS data, land cover mapping and field surveys—we develop plans to aid in the coordination with state and federal agencies.

DRG’s endangered species consulting includes:

  • Habitat reconnaissance studies
  • Presence and habitat use determinations
  • Habitat construction and enhancement
  • Wetlands endangered and threatened species surveys
  • Wildlife surveys and management/monitoring plans
  • Remote sensing and land cover mapping
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) data collection

Our team includes botanists and biologists who stay up to date on endangered species science and policies. We have decades of experience with projects related to state and federally threatened or endangered species, which range from the Indiana bat to mussel species such as the creek heelsplitter (Lasmigona compressa).

DRG is committed to providing quality endangered species consulting services to help our valued clients save time and resources while protecting the health of the habitat.

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