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From turf care to tree pruning, our team is ready to help you achieve your landscape goals.

Hotels are second homes for travelers. Clean rooms, comfortable beds, and a cozy atmosphere are important to make guests feel welcome. But the comforts of home go beyond beds and linens, it also includes a welcoming and safe outdoor experience. Green spaces, patios, gardens, pools, and other outdoor amenities can help guests feel at ease during their stay. 

Your guests want a luxurious experience; you need a partner you can count on to help deliver that experience. Davey’s certified arborists, landscape professionals, and highly trained specialists can help keep your property looking its best, upholding your reputation.  

We’re committed to developing strong partnerships with our clients with the mutual goal of identifying and resolving potential issues before they become costly and time-consuming problems. Our teams will work with you to develop a grounds management program that will keep your guests safe, positively impact your brand, and continue to attract new guests while increasing the retention of current customers. 

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Pristinely Kept Grounds

Maintaining a clean, well-kept, and safe environment for your guests is top priority. Davey’s landscape professionals and certified arborists can help you find solutions that align with your grounds management goals, ranging from turf care to tree care to plant bed maintenance and design.

commercial grounds management services

Impeccable Attention To Detail

Davey understands that even the smallest design elements matter. With decades of experience, the know-how to catch a potential customer’s eye, and a passion for quality service, our specialists let you focus on big picture items while they use their sharp eye for detail to focus on the meticulous pieces that bring the perfect space for your guests to life, while maintaining the curb appeal of your property. 

commercial grounds management services

We Know The Value Of Safety

Any time a guest chooses your hotel, their safety becomes your responsibility. From removing hazardous limbs before a storm event, clearing walkways and parking lots of snow and ice, or maintaining the health of trees through plant health care, Davey’s team of qualified professionals can help ensure the safety and well-being of your guests.

Davey is very good and very quick to recognize when something is not quite right, and that communication helps save us money, time, headache, and effort down the road.

Kevin Tucker

Director of Maintenance, Graduate Hotel Cincinnati

We love what Davey does, we love what Davey’s about, we love the communication [they have with us], we love the service we get with one phone call.

Shawn Hollander

Facility Manager, Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati

Featured Commercial Services Work

Silver Dollar Amusement Park

Silver Dollar City Theme Park In MO Ensures Visitor Safety With Precise Pruning

Davey Tree lent their expertise to Silver Dollar City Theme Park to evaluate the health of their tree canopy near five roller coasters. Davey’s certified arborists identified hazards and prioritized pruning to help mitigate future risks.
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Davey Helps Extended Stay America Maintain Safety Goals Through Tree Maintenance

Extended Stay America prioritizes the comfort and safety of their guests, both inside the hotel and in outdoor spaces. Davey is on call at any Extended Stay location, pruning and removing trees that pose a safety hazard or security risk as needed.
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Avendra 3

Davey Is A Preferred Service Provider For Avendra’s Hotel Clients

Davey provides grounds management to hotels in all serviceable areas through the Avendra relationship. As a preferred and vetted service provider, Davey’s high-quality work helps boost curb appeal for Avendra’s clients.
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Hard Rock 2

Davey Maintains Park-Like Atmosphere In The Heart Of Cincinnati At Hard Rock Casino

Davey’s grounds maintenance crew is on-site weekly at the Hard Rock Casino, ensuring the frequently populated green space maintains its curb appeal.
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Graduate 3

Davey Maintains Frequently Used Green Space At Graduate Hotel In Cincinnati, OH

Davey’s crews are on-site at The Graduate Hotel, maintaining its unique outdoor space that provides a break from the hustle and bustle of a university campus.
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Rocksino Banner 1440X500

Creating Safe Walking Spaces For MGM Northfield Park Visitors In Northfield, OH

With visitors and employees walking in and out of the MGM Northfield Park 24-7, this client needed to ensure safety in the Snow Belt winter months. An on-site team of Davey crews, equipped with plows, shovels, snowblowers, and more, make sure any guests are safe from potential snow hazards.
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