Hurricane Ian Response: Please be advised that we are prepared to respond to post-storm requests as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Safety matters to all Davey employee owners, regardless of their position, location or work environment. We value safety to protect our employees, the public and the properties of our valued clients. Davey goes above and beyond standard safety expectations, so it’s no surprise we’ve earned one of the top safety records in the industry.

“[Your men] demonstrated a very positive attitude toward safety. It was very evident that the skills and knowledge used during this storm activity are practiced and perfected each day.”
- Frank Stevens, Consumers Energy

While all employees share safe work practices, Davey’s safety department comprises certified tree care safety professionals and other experts that demonstrate the latest safety techniques, technology and support. They collaborate with local, state and federal agencies to confirm our employees meet regulatory requirements.

Davey’s Road to Zero Program embodies our commitment to a safe and productive workplace. Road to Zero encourages our employees to proactively correct unsafe conditions and achieve annual injury-free workplace goals. The program has helped Davey safely establish a productive workplace that not only saves our clients additional costs but also rewards our employee owners with peace of mind.

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