Davey Is Committed To Corporate Responsibility

Beyond caring for the green spaces in our communities and the trees that clean our air, all aspects of our company operations are measured to a global sustainability standard. As an industry leader in arboriculture, horticulture and environmental services, we remain responsible stewards of our planet’s natural resources.

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CR Goals

Our Goals

We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver unmatched excellence in client experience, employee strength, safety, and financial sustainability. As an industry leader in arboriculture, horticulture and environmental services, we remain responsible stewards of our planet's natural resources. 

These topics were identified significant to Davey's stakeholders and are the pillars and focus of our corporate responsibility strategy.

Corporate Responsibility Pillars

Icon Safebusinesspractices

Safe Business Practices

Our behaviors and actions ensure that the safety of our employees and clients remain our highest priority. We foster a culture of safety by adhering to rigorous safety standards and reinforcing our safety message at every client visit, meeting and presentation.

Icon Sustainableenvironment

Sustainable Environment

We have committed ourselves to environmentally responsible practices that sustain the environment, our communities and our business. We are dedicated to environmental awareness and stewardship. Our environmental policies are founded on responsible, science-based actions.

Icon Innovativethinking

Innovative Thinking

We are leaders in leveraging our research, experience and people to address challenges facing the natural environment through product and service innovation.

Icon Engagedemployees

Engaged Employees

As an employee owned company we create an environment to fully engage our employees in their work and our purpose as a company. We invest in them as they invest in us so together we grow personally and professionally.

Creating Culture

Creating A Culture Of Caring

The National Grid Rhode Island account has fostered a safety culture based on strong communication and creating a culture of caring for each other. In 2020, the National Grid Rhode Island account recorded 56,044 hours while maintaining a 0.0 OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate.

Cleveland Clinic

The Arbor Day Foundation Launches New Tree Campus Healthcare Recognition Program

Davey has sponsored a new Tree Campus Healthcare program, launched by the Arbor Day Foundation. This one-of-a-kind program, made possible through financial support from professional partner Davey Tree, aims to transform community health and wellness and ultimately save lives through the health benefits provided by trees, as well as recognize health institutions that make a mission-aligned impact to improve community wellness through tree planting, education, and community engagement.

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