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Are You Ready to Spend $1.5B?
The just-signed Inflation Reduction Act contains landmark climate change packages that include federal funds for urban and community forestry projects.
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How Does Climate Change Affect My Project?
Four Davey Resource Group experts share the potential future of landscape design, urban forestry, and land development in a world focused on climate change.
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Technology Update: Automated Tree Inventories
Tree inventory data gathered through artificial intelligence and machine learning can help pinpoint the precise location of city trees with high accuracy.
Why Stormwater Runoff Quality Matters
Decontaminating stormwater runoff using green infrastructure helps maintain the health of local waterways and mitigate overflow issues in sewer systems and water treatment plants.
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Green Infrastructure Maintenance: Getting Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program
Green infrastructure is an environmentally friendly way to clean stormwater runoff before it reaches water treatment plants and waterways. Establishing a routine maintenance plan helps keep GI systems in top shape and reduces long-term maintenance costs.
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New Federal Funding Opportunity: Healthy Streets
The Healthy Streets Program is a grant program introduced in the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that funds projects that focus on creating accessible roadways through sustainable infrastructure.
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Answering Four Common Carbon Questions
Voluntary carbon markets incentivize landowners to protect forests from development, plant new forests, or make timber operations more sustainable by creating offsets. Read on for a FAQ that can help determine whether the carbon market is right for your project.
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Sticking to the Plan
Land management plans can help landowners manage their properties more efficiently and effectively.
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