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Leaders in Urban Forestry: Beattra Wilson
Beattra Wilson’s commitment to inclusivity and education has skyrocketed her to lead a successful Urban and Community Forestry Program for the U.S. Forest Service.
Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules Call for Wildlife Friendly Crossings
Wildlife crossing structures help mitigate the effects of roadways and vehicles on animal populations. In addition to causing direct mortality, vehicles and roadways can indirectly affect animals as well.
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The Early Bird Gets the Worm! Pre-Planning Raptor Nest Searches Prevents Costly Project Delays
Early planning and thorough field surveys can help avoid costly project delays and any penalties associated with violations, and most importantly, ensure the safety of any nesting raptors onsite.
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Coastal Resiliency & Beach-nesting Birds
Learn about the many challenges facing New Jersey’s beach-nesting birds and how our experienced ecologists can assist you in balancing the needs of these shorebirds with your project’s objectives.
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The Importance of the Survey Window When Planning Rare Plant Surveys
Planning a construction project that will potentially disturb rare, threatened, or endangered (RTE) plants? The survey window for some RTE plants can be as short as a few weeks to a few months.
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Saving the Monarch One ROW at a Time
The US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) is encouraging transportation agencies and utility companies to proactively provide habitat for this striking, but struggling, butterfly on a volunteer basis.
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Making the Cut: Tree Clearing & Roosting Bats
Tree clearing restrictions are put in place to mitigate further damage to bat colonies, but how can you properly plan your project with these restrictions in mind?
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Ditch the Detention Basin - Green Infrastructure is IN!
Effective March 2, 2021 the NJ Stormwater Management Rules require the use of Green Infrastructure best management practices (BMPs) to meet water quality, water quantity, and groundwater recharge requirements for Major Development projects
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