Posted: November 03, 2021

Advancements in technology have created more efficient processes in urban tree canopy (UTC) efforts. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can allow large sets of data to be recorded. But once that data is uploaded and packaged, how is it supposed to be used? This depends on how the data is interpreted.

The Importance of Data Analysis

A more robust and clearly defined set of data that tells a story can be leveraged for funding and used to drive strategy on how to increase tree canopy. Being able to fully understand UTC data and deliver the messages derived from canopy data can become evidence for stakeholders, community members, and funding support. It can also feed into long-term master plans by being the basis for necessary actions to increase canopy.

Having a qualified professional interpret UTC data can open the doors for more opportunities to use that data. Interpretation can reveal canopy coverage within a defined geographic space. Interpretation can also pinpoint certain potential opportunities for canopy improvement by looking at factors such as social equity and the relation to tree canopy growth or decline.

Unique Data Creates Unique Solutions

Determining the causes of certain trends in data may be a catalyst for projects and goals that are unique to certain regions or environments. Gathering large sets of data through machine learning and AI is useful for efficiency, but the human element of interpreting what the data means is irreplaceable. Each project has an important story to tell and deciphering the message appropriately doesn’t happen without human interaction.

It’s Your Data

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) uses quality-assured data and a team of experts to help determine UTC goals and strategies while clients retain ownership of their data. Housing the data in one place, like DRG’s TreeKeeper Canopy tool, can make it easy to access, share, and analyze for users.

TreeKeeper Canopy is a versatile software service geared towards helping you observe, prioritize, and share your tree canopy assessment data. Developed and maintained by DRG, TreeKeeper Canopy can help assess tree canopy data, prioritize planting effort, project future canopy goals, and can integrate with TreeKeeper to ensure a streamlined workflow from start to finish.

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Mitigation Wetlands
Mitigation Wetlands

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