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From data collection to workflow management, Davey's suite of solutions can make your vegetation management program up to 30% more efficient, saving you time and money. 

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Vegetation & Workflow Management Software

Streamline Your Operations to End-to-End Solutions

Vegetation & Workflow Management Solutions: Created With You In Mind

Detecting and managing vegetation along rights-of-way is a constant concern for utility providers, and protecting infrastructure and equipment is always top of mind. Davey Resource Group, Inc.’s (DRG) technology and software solutions help with the acquisition and management of critical data to empower our clients to make more informed decisions that support their unique business goals.

Leveraging mobile technology, electronic data, and geographical information systems (GIS), our specially trained, boots-on-the-ground utility technicians leverage precision data to direct field crews to priority work and help you allocate your maintenance dollars more efficiently. With DRG’s Rover field data collection system, findings can help budget and predict upcoming work.

DRG has developed a line of customer-centric software specifically for utility clients like you. Our in-house development team incorporates input from field users, project coordinators and utility customers to create a fully-integrated, open-source software platform that’s as effective as it is intuitive.

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Managing Critical Data With Technology & Software Solutions

utility vegetation management software

Smart, Scalable Software

Collect, analyze, and apply real-time data. Our proprietary software platform helps you monitor and maintain your equipment and streamline operations.

GIS utility technology solutions

GIS Data Made Easy

Keep accurate, actionable data with our customized tools. Davey helps you make more informed decisions, thanks to industry-leading open-source software.

drone services for utility

An Eye in the Sky

Davey’s fleet of drones can be equipped to carry cameras, sensors, or chemicals, making everything from data collection to herbicide applications more efficient.

utility asset management diagnostic tools

Diagnostic Tools

Creating a reliability strategy is essential for any utility. A well-rounded reliability strategy helps prevent outages and improve CMI, SAIDI, and SAIFI.

utility workflow management software

Streamline Workflow Management

Increase crew productivity by as much as 30% when working across teams and platforms to monitor and maintain your assets, reduce downtime, and stay ahead of problems with this fully integrated software platform.

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