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Davey Resource Group empowers utility providers to make more informed decisions by leveraging technology and software solutions to help acquire and manage critical data.

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Technology Created With You In Mind

Utility companies have an ongoing need to detect vegetation management or equipment infrastructure concerns along rights-of-way. Davey Resource Group, Inc.’s (DRG) technology and software solutions help with the acquisition and management of critical data that empowers a utility to make more informed decisions that support their unique business goals.

Leveraging mobile technology, electronic data, and geographical information systems (GIS), our specially-trained, boots-on-the-ground utility technicians can help business leaders better plan how their maintenance dollars should be allocated. Additionally, they can provide precise direction to field crews on where priority work exists. With DRG’s Rover field data collection system, findings can help utility leadership budget and forecast to ensure dollars are spent on priority maintenance. Plus, information can be accessed from any web-enabled device.

DRG has developed a line of customer-centric software specifically for utility clients. The in-house development team incorporates input from the software’s field users, project coordinators and utility customers, ensuring ease of use and value to the client. Even better, it is built using open-source solutions, which allows our team to offer full system integration and automation delivered in the technology of your choice.


Data Collection, Custom Reporting & Analytics

Inventory data is both critical for business intelligence and versatile for custom reporting and analytics, but gathering and managing that data can be overwhelming.

DRG’s boots on the ground and GIS mapping capabilities paired with our proprietary software, ROWKeeper, Rover, ResourceKeeper, and TreeKeeper, can help ease the pain of asset and vegetation data collection and management.

GIS and Remote Sensing Services

GIS & Remote Sensing Services

GIS data and remote sensing software can help utilities leverage valuable information for urban forestry and vegetation management needs.

DRG uses the latest LiDAR, drone, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for a range of projects and applications.


Diagnostic Tools

Creating a reliability strategy is essential for any utility. A well-rounded reliability strategy helps prevent outages and improve CMI, SAIDI, and SAIFI.

With the latest infrared and ultrasonic tools, along with Exacter predictive health analytics, DRG can deliver unprecedented insights into points of risk to enhance planning and maintenance.

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