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Seamlessly Integrate Your Workforce, From The Field to the Front Office

End-to-End Solutions That Merge Technology & Tree Work

Keeping everyone on your vegetation management teams on the same page is as complex as the work itself. And if you’re using multiple technology suites, timekeeping software, and scheduling programs, it can be inefficient - or worse, costly - to keep your network up and running.

Davey and Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) are known in the industry as the leaders in tree care and vegetation management, but our team is also changing the way the utility industry works with our industry-leading software solutions to solve complex problems.

The utility industry is evolving constantly, and managing work across multiple rights-of-ways, in multiple municipalities - even across state lines - can be a challenge. Fortunately, Davey Resource Group has the technological expertise to seamlessly integrate your current software systems, eliminating compatibility issues and other headaches.

We partner with you to discover inefficiencies in your workflow management to help improve your bottom line. From scheduling fieldwork and completing audits to creating reports and billing solutions, our Workflow Management solutions can help you get the most from your resources by integrating new technologies with your existing solutions, while staying compliant and secure.

vegetation workflow management software

Discover Inefficiencies & Optimize Your Workflow Management

In the age of automation, doing more with less is critical. The pressure to improve efficiency and improve reliability for customers is omnipresent. From regulatory requirements to customer satisfaction, you’re working to satisfy stakeholders on every front.

Our software solutions allow us to integrate key applications to streamline your workflows and let your teams communicate effectively, whether they’re in person or in the field. ResourceKeeper combines field data collection, robust reporting capabilities, and an intuitive, user-driven dashboard to create a scalable solution for a wide range of applications and client needs.

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One Size Fits None

No two utility companies are the same - and neither are their systems, processes, or personnel. DRG’s Workflow Management provides customized solutions for our clients, no matter how big or small, no matter which existing technology is in use, and regardless of remote or in-office status.

We can help you consolidate and integrate your existing platforms into a lean, efficient workflow - improving your vegetation management program and helping your bottom line. Plus, with 24/7 in-house support, we’re always there when you need us.

Utility Vegetation Management Software

Safe & Secure

Data is the heart of your business, and if it’s compromised or you can’t access it on-demand, you can’t make the decisions you need to run your business. DRG has built-in redundancies to help reduce the chance of service interruption and keep you connected to the data you rely on.

From multiple server locations to encrypted data storage, we’ve problem-solved ways to keep you connected and your data secure during weather events, power outages, and other situations when maintaining access to your information matters most.

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