UVM workflow management

A Comprehensive Workflow Management System

Integrated Software, Designed to Streamline Asset & Vegetation Management

ResourceKeeper combines field collections software, a robust dashboard, and compliance reporting capabilities to provide utility clients with a fully-integrated, end-to-end solution that captures and applies ROW data into actionable information.

Efficient, reliable tools are a must-have in this industry, and Davey has developed this cutting-edge platform to help relieve the most common pain points utility clients deal with on a daily basis.

This paperless suite of tools allows your teams to work collectively to monitor and maintain your assets, reducing downtime and helping you stay ahead of problems, in compliance with regulatory requirements, and provide the service your customers expect. ResourceKeeper works as a standalone solution, or can be integrated with existing GIS software platforms. Plus, with 24/7, U.S.-based support, we can assist you with any technical issues you may have, quickly and efficiently.

ResourceKeeper UVM Workflow Management Software Suite

Built for Foresters, By Foresters

ResourceKeeper Rover

ResourceKeeper Rover is a feature-rich data collection system used during the planning process. Really shines in planning in remote, rugged areas and temperature variations.

ResourceKeeper Mobile

ResourceKeeper Mobile is an in-the-field, offline-capable data capture tool that offers paperless workflow and field auditing which communicates back with the web-based tool without data loss.

ResourceKeeper Insight

The web-based comprehensive database tool where foresters and ROW managers can create reports and manage the data across the entire system.

 ROW data

ResourceKeeper Dashboard

integrated software for asset and vegetation management

ResourceKeeper Dashboard

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data collection n this centralized hub


utility workflow management software


utility vegetation management software

No More Lost Data

ResourceKeeper Rover supports your pre-inspection and field collection work by providing computer-aided dispatch to notify teams of problems in the field, and robust data collection capabilities. And after that data has been collected, it remains on the local device as long as it’s needed, so there’s no worry about time-outs or connectivity issues in the field when it’s time to upload. Information is stored until it can be reliably transferred into the system. 

Vegetation Management Software

Paperless Workflow

ResourceKeeper Mobile makes it easy for teams to ensure that work assigned is work completed. This user-friendly interface allows managers and employees to communicate between office locations and field teams, keeping everyone on the same page and work moving forward. 


Fully Customizable

ResourceKeeper Insight is a centralized hub that pulls information from both RK Rover and ResourceKeeper and allows you to analyze, interpret, and utilize both workflow and raw field data. This fully customizable dashboard allows your team to provide detailed reports, ensure industry compliance, and identify trends within your assets to help streamline operations.

utility vegetation management softwareutility management softwareutility asset management software

Data Ownership

You collected it, you keep it with ResourceKeeper.

Technical Support

24/7 support, based in the U.S. for help whenever you need it.

A Trusted Partner

We work with you, so you can get the most out of the software.

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