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DRG's urban forestry experts create a customized approach for every client - from urban parks, street trees, public gardens, nature preserves and more - to find the ideal solution for every project.

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Urban forests come in many different forms: urban parks, street trees, public gardens, nature preserves, and more. These urban forests create vital ecosystems that help filter water and air, control stormwater, conserve energy, and provide animal habitats.

Davey Resource Group, Inc. was established to protect and nurture these natural resources. Our team of urban forestry consultants includes urban foresters, certified arborists, traditional foresters, planners, and GIS specialists who offer a range of professional urban forestry services, from GIS-based tree inventories to urban forestry master plans.

We take a customized approach to urban and community forestry that ensures every client receives the right-sized solution for their urban forestry needs.

We Are Committed To Delivering You Expert Urban & Community Forestry Services.

Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation

Safeguard and ensure the protection of the trees' health and root system before, during, and after construction projects.

Tree Inventory Management

Tree Inventory Management

Streamline tree inventory management to make better business decisions for your urban and community forestry program.

Urban Forestry Planning

Urban Forestry Management Planning

Efficiently manage a healthy, safe, and sustainable tree population with our turnkey solutions to maximize tree resources.

Urban Tree Canopy

Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

Leverage your community forestry benefits and identify future management opportunities with high-resolution GIS data.

Contract Forestry

Contract Forestry Solutions

No matter the size of your urban forestry project, we assist clients with staffing and managing complex initiatives in their community.

Municipality Arborist Reports

Arborist Reports

Provide critical documents that help property owners stay in line with city by-laws meant to protect their urban forests.

Greehill Tree Rotating

NEW: Smart Tree Inventory

Davey Resource Group, Inc. and greehill are pioneering Smart Tree Inventory Solutions across the United States. Using cutting-edge technology like vehicle-mounted LiDAR and machine learning, these solutions revolutionize how tree inventories are conducted, providing high-precision, objective data and transforming traditional, labor-intensive methods.

Tree Inventory@2X
Tree Inventory@2X

Partner With Davey Resource Group For Your Next Project

With local offices across the country, our team of experts can provide the guidance, analysis, and quality service you need to manage the natural resources on your property. From wetlands and streams to stormwater management and tree inventories, we offer turn-key solutions for clients nationwide.

Environmental Urban Forestry Self Assessment

What Is The State Of Your Urban Forest Program?

Knowing the state of your community’s urban forest program is essential for effectively and equitably growing and maintaining the urban forest in your community—and we can help!

Our professional urban foresters can help measure the state of your urban forest through tree inventories, strategic planning, or the development of an urban forest master plan.

To get started, we developed a self-assessment survey to help you analyze your urban forest program.

Based on your responses, our professionals will provide you with your own urban forest program analysis, including:

  • Your city’s urban forest composite score
  • A graph of the Indicators of Your Urban Forest
  • A list of recommended next steps for your community
Urban Forestry Street Trees

Why Is Urban Forestry Important?

Urban and community forests are not only an aesthetically pleasing part of a neighborhood, but also provide mental and physical health benefits to the people living in them.

Urban forests help filter the air and water, control stormwater, conserve energy, and provide shade and habitat. It also provides spaces for recreation and community bonding, which adds economic value to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Planting, maintaining, and caring for the trees of an urban forest by an experienced team of arborists and foresters help these spaces thrive.

Featured Urban Forestry Work

ADOBE STOCK PHOTO St. Louis MO 310952577

Davey Resource Group Helps Launch Treesilience Initiative In St. Louis, MO

Treesilience, a national initiative launched in 2020, partners with The Nature Conservancy, USDA Forest Service, Davey Tree Expert Company, and community-based organizations to enhance urban tree canopy. In St. Louis County, Treesilience managed tree maintenance in underserved areas.
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Beyond Housing GIS Davey Storymap 2023 12 28 122609

Davey Resource Group Increases Tree Canopy In St. Louis County, MO With Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing, aided by an EPA grant, aimed to enhance community forestry in 24:1 area communities. They partnered with DRG to conduct a tree canopy assessment, produce tailored reports, and develop visual tools for local planning, emphasizing equity and community engagement.
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DRG Inventory Cumberland RI 2

DRG Creates Comprehensive Tree Inventory & Planting Strategy For Cumberland, RI

Since 2022, DRG has supported urban forestry in Cumberland, RI, planting street trees and conducting a public tree inventory. Grants aided projects in Valley Falls and Lonsdale, while collaborations with Clark University and a subcontracted landscape architect ensured strategic planning.
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PA Lancaster Shutterstock 1800255154

DRG Uses Tree Inventory To Implement Urban Forest Maintenance For City Of Lancaster, PA

Davey Resource Group worked with the City of Lancaster to plan, inventory and implement the care and maintenance of their urban forest.
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IMG 1252.JPG
Residential/Mixed Use

Expert Assessment Provides Peace Of Mind At Washington Residence

Davey Resource Group used sonic tomography to determine if a Douglas Fir on a residential property in Kenmore, WA would pose as a safety risk for nearby homes after showing signs of a fungi infestation.
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Project Profiles Boulder Banner 1440X500

DRG Helps Holyoke, MA Create More Equitable Urban Forest

The city of Holyoke partnered with Davey Resource Group to develop their first urban forest equity plan to preserve, grow, and care for Holyoke’s trees through meaningful community engagement and proactive management.
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Environmental Pp High Line Canal Banner 1440X500
Parks & Trails

DRG Inventories Over 20,000 Trees In Denver, CO

Davey Resource Group coordinated with officials in ten Colorado communities to conduct a tree inventory on 64 miles of the High Line Canal Trail. DRG arborists conducted the inventory through the lens of risk management and health preservation of the High Line Canal Trail forest system.
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Project Profile Tree Planting Shrewsbury Ma Banner 1440X500

Tree Planting At Shrewsbury, MA Elementary School Combines Educational Outreach & A Strengthened Urban Forest

Davey Resource Group turned a tree planting into an interactive experience with K-4 students at Walter J. Paton Elementary by allowing the kids to participate in the planting while Davey experts explained the process.
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Project Profile Yuba City Urban Forest Master Plan Banner 1440X500

Yuba City, CA Connects With Community To Complete Tree Inventory & Create Urban Forest Master Plan

Davey Resource Group created a UFMP that combined an inventory of the city’s trees and recommendations to strengthen their tree ordinance with a chance for Yuba City residents to engage with the planning process through a photo contest.
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Project Profile Integral Tree Care Assessment Banner 1440X500
Class A

DRG Provides Multi-Service Solution To Integral Care In Austin, TX

Davey Resource Group teamed up with Davey Tree’s Residential and Commercial (R/C) office in Austin, Texas to perform a tree assessment and maintenance recommendations on 39 trees on the Integral Care campus. Davey’s local R/C office was then hired to perform the recommended tree work.
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