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Transforming Urban Forestry With Smart Tree Inventory

The principal aim of any urban forestry program is to effectively manage trees for the benefits they offer, mitigating risks to people and property. Technological advancements have led to the development of tools, like tree inventories and urban tree canopy assessments, that enable local tree managers to make informed decisions. With this in mind, Davey Resource Group, Inc. and greehill are pioneering Smart Tree Inventory Solutions across the United States. Using cutting-edge technology like vehicle-mounted LiDAR and machine learning, these solutions revolutionize how tree inventories are conducted, providing high-precision, objective data and transforming traditional, labor-intensive methods.

With this approach, technicians use advanced sensors mounted on vehicles or rovers to scan areas of interest. These sensors collect abundant data, accurately mapping the 3D world and enabling computers to identify and locate trees, extract 4D copies, and measure precise tree biometrics such as species, diameter, height, and canopy volume. The collected data provides valuable insights into tree health, safety factor, ecosystem benefits, among others. The use of this technology allows managers to review this information and 4D copies of each tree, either on their computers or in the field using tablets. Notably, this methodology facilitates repeat scans with consistent precision, enabling analysis of changes in individual trees and tree populations over time. In turn, this provides managers with robust data for informed, data-driven decisions, leading to more targeted care for trees.

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Urban Forestry's Future With Smart Tree Inventory

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DRG & greehill Partnership

Davey Resource Group, Inc., (DRG) a subsidiary of The Davey Tree Expert Company, announces partnership with Singapore-based business intelligence company greehill, which is setting the pace for urban tree monitoring by applying artificial intelligence to a traditionally labor-intensive industry.

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