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Talking Trees With Davey Tree Podcast

April 11, 2024
Importance of Diversity in the Landscape and Planting to Replace
Josh Fritz from Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, in the Boston North Shore office, talks about Doug's dying oak forest and how he can slowly replace the trees that have succumbed to oak wilt, as well as why planting a diversity of species in your landscape is so important.
April 04, 2024
How Drones are Used in Arboriculture
Deb Sheeler, a Geospatial & Software Support Services production manager with Davey Resource Group (DRG), talks about the ways drones are used in arboriculture, what kind of data they can capture and how it's used in the industry.
March 28, 2024
Spring Tree Care Tips from an Arborist
Matt Betz from Davey's Charlotte office talks about what you should be doing this spring on your landscape to keep your trees and property thrive this season!

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greehill & DRG: Smart Tree Inventories

With a Smart Tree Inventory, urban foresters are able to use precise, objective information for targeted inspections and prescriptions.
Palm Tree In Front Of Florida Home Davey Tree 002
Landscaping & Property Tips

Palm Care: Water, Fertilization & Pruning

In this video, learn what you can do to keep your palms healthy in your landscape.
Palm Weevil Damage
Insect & Disease Issues

Tree and Palm Pests: Signs & Symptoms

In this video, we discuss what you can do to defend your trees and palms from infestation.
Fotolia Browning Palm 566X707
Plant Health Care

Palm Fertilizer: Replenish Lost Nutrients

In this video, learn how to replace lost nutrients in your palms due to sandy soil and extreme weather.
Hurricane Wind
Tree Safety

How to Prepare Trees for Hurricane Season

In this video, learn what you can do to prepare your landscape for hurricane season.
Davey Tree Storm Damaged Tree Broken Tree Limb
Landscaping & Property Tips

Storm Damage Tree Assessment

In this video, we'll share what to look for and how to help your landscape recover after a big storm.
Transmission Lines

Insect & Disease Resource Center

Signs of pests and diseases will vary from tree to tree. Search our database of pest and disease for symptoms, damages, life cycle, management, and control information.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change presents opportunities and threats to Davey operations and our industry, so understanding the impacts of these changes is critical. The Davey Institute is leading the way by providing research-based educational resources to our employees, our customers, the green industry, and the general public.

Learn about how climate change will impact your landscape and planting decisions, or your career in the arboriculture industry.

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