Active Participants In The Utility Industry

Our involvement with – and understanding of – the utility industry helps us work more intuitively in the field, making us more efficient and ultimately strengthening the relationship as time goes on. By participating in industry organizations, we’ve learned what’s important to our clients when it comes to safety, and we can act as an extension of those values. 

Our employees are credentialed by and participate with organizations including: 

  • Edison Electric Institute
  • Construction Safety Research Alliance
  • Certified Tree Care Professional Program
  • Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • Tree Care Industry Association
  • International Society of Arboriculture
  • Utility Line Clearance Safety Partnership
  • Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP)
Davey Utility Safety Culture

Safe Work is Self-Care

Employee safety starts with healthy, empowered team members.

A core tenant to our safety culture is a willingness to understand the human factors involved in our work, to help keep our employees safe and thriving. It goes beyond paying close attention to days away, restricted or transferred (DART), total reportable incident rate (TRIR) and lost-time case rate.

We prioritize analyzing industry data, participating in thought leadership with our partners, and engaging in open, honest communication with our employees, learning from our daily experiences, and constantly looking at new ways to approach and improve our safety practices.

  • Daily safety briefings
  • Constant evaluation for hazards on job sites
  • e-Close Call Communicator
  • RMIS tracking and data analysis
  • Ongoing process and technology advancements
  • Emphasis on both physical and mental well-being for our employees
  • We strictly adhere to the latest regulations, including OSHA and ANSI Z133 standards
  • We focus on learning and adapting to industry and scientific trends to enhance safety practices
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