Meet The Utility Solutions Teams

Our team of well-trained personnel has extensive experience in a wide variety of utility services, including asset management consulting, vegetation management consulting, environmental consulting, telecommunications construction and utility line clearance, from anywhere in North America.

With industry leading software and a commitment to a client-centered approach, our experts work with utilities across the U.S. and Canada to optimize key system measurables and achieve their program goals.

Asset Management Consulting Team


Steven Johnston Steven Johnston Regional Vice President Jeremy Sadler Jeremy Sadler Regional Vice President, Business Development Sarah Halford Sarah Halford Director of Operations Support Clinton McFall Clinton McFall Director, Technical Services Thomas Petrik Thomas Petrik Director, Reliability Services Jordan Caspell Jordan Caspell Regional Operations Manager Chad Snyder Chad Snyder Regional Operations Manager Tom Pysher Tom Pysher Regional Operations Manager Scott Anderson Scott Anderson Senior Project Developer Tommy Maloney Tommy Maloney Senior Project Developer John Markel John Markel Project Developer Chris Tomanek Chris Tomanek Area Manager Ashley Boyd Ashley Boyd Area Manager Joseph Hawbaker Joseph Hawbaker Area Manager Benjamin Peterson Benjamin Peterson Area Manager Joseph Williams Joseph Williams Area Manager Joseph Tommasi Joseph Tommasi Area Manager Jonathan Kump Jonathan Kump Area Manager Jordan Brown Jordan Brown Area Manager Bill Croasmun Bill Croasmun Area Manager Edward Becker Edward Becker Area Manager Roland Pratt Roland Pratt Account Manager Jim Corbitt Jim Corbitt Account Manager Amanda Burchett Amanda Burchett Account Manager Dan Srbinovski Dan Srbinovski Account Manager Nathan Post Nathan Post Account Manager, Construction Services Chance Wilkin Chance Wilkin Account Manager Dominic Soccorsi Dominic Soccorsi Account Manager Clark Ristaino Clark Ristaino Account Manager Bradley Brodek Bradley Brodek Account Manager Dwayne Morgan Dwayne Morgan Account Manager Nick Forton Nick Forton Account Manager Jennifer Wilkie Jennifer Wilkie Production Manager Carla Waldron Carla Waldron Production Manager Joel Morey Joel Morey Project Manager Brittany Pridgeon Brittany Pridgeon Project Manager Martin Rizzo Martin Rizzo Project Manager Anastasia Allan Anastasia Allan Project Manager Courtney Goodrich Courtney Goodrich Project Manager William Dipre William Dipre Project Manager Luke Jeney Luke Jeney Project Manager Bill Hopkins Bill Hopkins Manager of Safety Support Dominic Krout Dominic Krout Project Manager Devin Lichtenfels Devin Lichtenfels Project Manager Dustin Reed Dustin Reed Project Manager Anthony Davis Anthony Davis Project Manager Andrew Eppard Andrew Eppard Project Manager

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For more than a century, Davey has provided the solutions utility providers need to keep their customers happy. From vegetation management and asset management to make-ready engineering services, we can help you reach your goals with expert service and a commitment to quality.  

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