Beautifying Public Spaces Through Landscape Enhancements

Show Support for a Community Asset Through Landscaping for Parks & Public Spaces

Parks and trails are integral to a local community. They serve as gathering spaces to connect with nature, green areas for healthy recreational activity, and natural habitats for local plants and wildlife. Proper landscape design for public parks and trails ensures the community can gain the full benefits of this essential asset.

Davey Tree has extensive experience working with park agencies and public recreational spaces to maintain and enhance the landscape of their parks and trails. From basic maintenance like plant and turf care to large-scale green infrastructure installations to tree care that ensures public safety, Davey’s team of certified experts can bring your desired landscape design for public parks to life.


Sand Run Metroparks Partnership

Davey Resource Group performed engineering and construction services for Sand Run Metroparks in Akron, OH. The project focused on erosion control and channel stabilization and impacted over 7,000 linear feet of the Sand Run tributary. Once completed, the project improved in-stream wildlife habitat, fish passage, and long-term protection of park trails and infrastructure.


Benefits Of Sustainable Landscape Design

One large benefit of public parks and trails is to connect the community with nature. By implementing sustainable landscape designs, groundskeepers for public parks and recreation areas can strengthen that connection while conserving money and resources. Davey is well-versed in the best sustainable landscape design practices and can help implement them in a cost-effective manner.


Maintain the Health Of Public Trees

Urban forests like public parks and trails create safe spaces for communities to gather. By prioritizing tree care, park agencies and public recreation areas can show their commitment to a healthy urban forest while keeping their communities safe. Davey’s team of certified arborists can help create a management plan that can meet urban forest health and public safety goals.

Featured Commercial Services Work


Davey Resource Group Enhances Wetland Biodiversity In Michigan Through Invasive Vegetation Treatments

In 2023, DRG was contracted by the Michigan DNR to restore Curtis Creek Fen, a 12-acre biodiverse wetland area. DRG targeted wetland invasives and woody species to enhance biodiversity, using spot treatments and cautious methods to avoid disturbing wildlife.
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Post Installation

Davey Resource Group Enhances Detention Basin In Hamilton County, OH With Native Vegetation

DRG improved an existing detention basin by replacing turfgrass with native plants, enhancing its ability to manage stormwater runoff and remove pollutants. DRG's restoration prioritized community needs, cost efficiency, and ecological sustainability, employing herbicides and diverse plantings.
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Parks & Trails

DRG Reforests 16 Acres Of Land In Albion, New York

To enhance the softwood young forest habitat to support sensitive, forest-dependent species, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation contracted Davey Resource Group to plant 15,000 seedlings on approximately 16.2 acres of previously clear-cutted forest blocks.
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Project Profile Union Township Pa Ets 0722 Banner 1440X500

Threatened Species Study Ensures Safe Solar Farm Construction In Fort Indiantown Gap, PA

Davey Resource Group performed endangered and threatened species studies for the Tesla Laboratories’ proposed solar farm at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania. In addition to species studies, DRG also prepared environmental documentation and permits.
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Project Profile Clinton Township Nj Sw Eder 0722 Banner 1440X500

DRG Preps Permits for Dam & Dike Rehabilitation in Clinton Township, NJ

Davey Resource Group performed natural resources studies, environmental documentation, environmental permitting, and agency coordination of dams and dike rehabilitation in Round Valley Reservoir.
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Environmental Pp Scale Restoration Grant Banner 1440X500

DRG Develops ‘Your Ash Is On The Line’ State-Wide EAB Project In Colorado

In 2019, the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) received a Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) Grant to increase resources for emerald ash borer (EAB) management. With this grant, CSFS partnered with Davey Resource Group to conduct tree inventories and assist with EAB public education and response.
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