Summit Metro Parks - Sand Run

Davey Resource Group was selected to perform engineering and construction services for erosion control and channel stabilization in the Sand Run Metro Park, impacting over 7,000 linear feet of stream and improving fish habitat.

Project Overview

The design-build team of Davey Resource Group (DRG) and Marks Construction were selected by Summit Metro Parks (SMP) for the Phase 3 restoration of Sand Run, a tributary to the Cuyahoga River in Sand Run Metro Park, Akron, Ohio. DRG was responsible for the survey, design and engineering, geomorphic assessment, ecological assessment, permitting, project management, construction oversight, and planting and seeding. Marks Construction was responsible for the project construction. The project took a little over a year to complete from project start in May 2022 to substantial completion in July 2023, with construction taking place between February and July 2023.

The primary project goals were improvement of in-stream habitat, fish passage, and long-term protection of park trails and infrastructure. To achieve those goals, approximately 7,000 linear feet of Sand Run was restored through a combination of cross vanes, rootwads, log weirs, rock riffles, toestone bank stabilization, removal of legacy manmade structures, and culvert upgrades. A manmade concrete waterfall was removed at the Mingo Lodge bridge and the reach was restored with a series of cross vanes to allow for fish passage. Downstream of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad railway bridge, fish passage was further improved by raising grade and installing a series of vanes and riffles to allow fish to negotiate the existing culvert under the railway bridge. Upstream of the ford crossing, rock riffles, log vanes, floodplain creation, and rootwads were installed to dissipate energy and protect eroding slopes. Vegetated riprap was used further upstream to protect existing infrastructure and add roughness to further dissipate flow energy. Three culverts along small tributaries to Sand Run were upgraded to decrease flow velocities through the culverts and improve channel habitat.

Inventive Solutions To Maintain Site Sustainability

Since the site was located within a mature wooded corridor, protection of existing trees and riparian canopy was prioritized. Rather than harvesting all of the woody instream material on-site, DRG was able to use trees from the necessary tree clearing and site preparation occurring at SMP’s nearby Chuckery Area (Cascade Valley Metro Park) as part of the Gorge Dam removal project, saving most of the existing canopy at Sand Run. To learn even more about this project, visit the Summit Metro Parks blog to read the project conclusion post.

DRG used trees from a nearby clearing for instream material to preserve existing canopy at Sand Run.
Sand Run Metro Park is one of the most heavily used parks in the Summit Metro Parks system.
Sand Run, a tributary of the Cuyahoga River, was in need of in-stream habitat and fish passage improvement, as well as park trails and infrastructure protection.
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