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Davey In The News
New Interactive Site Shows Impact Climate Change Has on What Trees to Plant Throughout the U.S.
In this Business Wire press release, The Arbor Day Foundation and The Davey Tree Expert Company announce a new online tool to educate homeowners and tree planters about climate change impacts on plant hardiness zones.
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Acquisition Press Releases
Lusk Tree Service Joins Davey Tree
The Davey Tree Expert Company is pleased to announce the addition of Lusk Tree Service of Winston-Salem, N.C., to its family of brands. 
Third Wing
Davey In The News
An inside look at Davey Tree’s new addition to its Ohio headquarters
In this Landscape Management article, Chris Bast, vice president and treasurer, Molly Senter, director of property, and Dan Herms, vice president of research and development for the Davey Institute, talk about Davey’s third-wing addition to its corporate headquarters.
Dave Madden2
Davey In The News
Zombie trees return to Central Texas – how to identify the dangerous walking dead
In this KXAN segment, Dave Madden from Davey’s South Austin office talks about the warning signs of zombie trees.
Dan Sharp Chek
Davey In The News
Trees more susceptible to toppling over due to long drought
In this Chek News segment, Dan Sharp from Davey’s Victoria, British Columbia, office talks about the long-term effects of drought on trees.
Travis Mcdonald
Davey In The News
Fall Watering for Healthy Trees
In this Kare 11 segment, Travis McDonald from Davey’s South Minneapolis office talks about proper watering and taking care of your trees.
Jay Judd
Davey In The News
Time To Trim The Trees
In this KWGN segment, Jay Judd from Davey’s East Denver office talks about why winter is the time to trim your trees.
DSC 4239
Davey In The News
Looking Out for Zombie Trees
In this segment of the Doug Pike Show, Matt Petty from Davey’s South Houston office talks about zombie trees.
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Media Contact

Davey Corporate Communications

(800) 447-1667 Ext. 1107

Email or fill out this form

**All non-media inquiries please find the appropriate contact here.

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The Davey Tree Expert Company, established in 1880 and headquartered in Kent, Ohio, provides research-driven tree services, grounds maintenance and environmental consulting for residential, utility, commercial and environmental partners in the U.S. and Canada. With 11,000 employees, Davey Tree is the eighth largest employee-owned company in the U.S.

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