Invasive Species Management & Control

Davey Resource Group offers a wide range of solutions that can help control and eradicate invasive species and non-native pests & plants, and restore proper ecosystem function.

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Control And Eradicate Non-Native & Invasive Species

Non-native, invasive pests and plants can cause severe damage to native ecosystems. Davey Resource Group, Inc. can help control and eradicate these invasive species and restore ecosystem structure to proper function.

DRG works with landowners and land managers to combat invasive plant and pest species. We help put together invasive species management plans that use proactive integrated vegetation management programs, preventative treatments, and monitoring to help meet our clients goals.

Our experts can help you find the right solution for the most cost-effective treatment through a diverse range of services, such as surveys and assessments, control plans, herbicide applications, mechanical harvesting, and monitoring and maintenance.

Natural Areas Management

What Is An Invasive Species Management Plan?

A management plan helps landowners and land managers control invasive species through precise methods that help eradicate these non-native plant and pest species.

How To Manage Invasive Species?

Our experts can help you find the right solution for the most cost-effective treatment through a diverse range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Survey and assessment
  • Control plans
  • Herbicide application
  • Mechanical harvesting
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Partner With Davey Resource Group For Your Next Project

With local offices across the country, our team of experts can provide the guidance, analysis, and quality service you need to manage the natural resources on your property. From wetlands and streams to stormwater management and tree inventories, we offer turn-key solutions for clients nationwide.

Invasive Vegetation Control

Invasive Vegetation Control

Non-native plant species can quickly become a menace to natural areas. Invasive plants aggressively take up the precious space and resources native ecosystems need to thrive, with the possibility of causing severe damage. DRG crews are specially trained at the identification and control of invasive plant species. The DRG team can employ a variety of effective invasive vegetation treatment methods, including:

  • Mowing
  • Prescribed burning
  • Herbicide application
  • Cultural treatment
Invasive Pest Control

Invasive Pest Control

Invasive pests, such as Spotted lanternfly, Asian long-horned beetle, and Emerald ash borer, can infest and damage large swaths of tree species, causing tree fatalities and long-term impacts on tree species diversity. Davey Resource Group works closely with state and federal environmental agencies to control and eradicate invasive pests in infested areas.

Featured Invasive Species Work

Washelli Cemetery.4

DRG Helps Washelli Cemetery In Seattle Manage Disease Among Lombardy Poplar Trees

Davey Resource Group used a tree risk assessment to catch the spread of stem canker disease among Washelli Cemetery’s Lombardy poplar trees in Seattle.
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Residential/Mixed Use

Davey Preserves Natural Landscapes With Long-Time Partner Lake Barrington Shores, IL

Lake Barrington Shores is an active residential community known for its sprawling nature preserves. Davey crews are on-site regularly to maintain the development’s natural beauty.
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Project Profile Sea Girt Nj Sw Eder 0722 Banner 1440X500
Military Base/Military Family Housing

National Guard Training Center In Sea Girt, NJ Aims To Protect On-Site Natural Habitats

Starting in 2007, Davey Resource Group conducted rare species monitoring and protection services and habitat management at the Sea Girt National Guard Training Center in New Jersey
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Project Profile Maplewood Mn Sw Laed 0722 Banner 1440X500
Residential/Mixed Use

DRG Install Sustainable Stormwater Alternative At Holloway Ponds In Maplewood, MN

DRG helped Holloway Ponds HOA install an environmentally-sustainable alternative to traditional landscaping through a series of rain gardens. DRG’s design plan was developed to eliminate turf, reduce stormwater runoff from the adjacent road, and support a variety of pollinator species.
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