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Soils Evaluations & Consulting

Soil Suitability Assessments for Stormwater and Wastewater Dispersal System

DRG specializes in mapping of soils and natural resources of a property to identify the best areas for stormwater management and wastewater dispersal systems to support permit applications.

Our team of professionals routinely acquires wastewater dispersal permits for large and small surface and subsurface dispersal systems, many systems exceeding one million gallons per day (1 MGD), as permitted by the Division of Water Quality, Aquifer Protection Section and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Health. We also perform soil suitability and prepare layouts for individual septic tanks (formerly referred to as “perk” tests) and can work with the State or county to obtain individual septic tank permits.

With respect to stormwater applications, our staff regularly performs assessments of infiltration rates to assist site civil engineers in their design of stormwater treatment systems (e.g. retention ponds, infiltration basins, stormwater gardens, etc.) and can also provide more detailed hydrologic assessments as necessary.

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