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Arborist reports are critical documents that help residential property owners stay in line with city by-laws meant to protect their urban forests. By obtaining an arborist report, homeowners can do their part to maintain a thriving urban forest without the risk of running into any red tape.

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) has highly qualified ISA Certified Arborists on standby to help create arborist reports that can help move your tree project forward.

What Is An Arborist Report & Do I Need One?

Arborist reports serve a number of purposes:

  • Provide specific tree care prescriptions to guide taking care of the tree.
  • Provide tree protection strategies during construction.
  • Help show due diligence to manage risks and liabilities.
  • Fulfill reporting requirements that may be needed for permit applications.

City websites will provide information on whether arborist reports are needed in your community for permit applications. Communities vary in their requirements. Please contact your DRG representative today to get information about your specific project requirements. We can assist you in determining the optimum report to meet your needs.

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Why Are Arborist Reports Important?

Arborist reports help provide information about the health and condition of specific trees; the cause of the problem, and actions that may be taken to alleviate the problem. Arborist reports are also important to city foresters to help determine which trees can be taken down without undue loss to the community.

As an example, native butternut in good condition is a rare tree that requires protection, while a dead or diseased tree may be taken down with replacement trees to be planted, to ensure long-term health of the urban canopy. City foresters work hard to preserve and enhance the beauty, environmental benefits, and public safety of the urban forests in our communities, which benefits all.

Tree Inventory@2X
Tree Inventory@2X

Partner With Davey Resource Group For Your Next Project

With local offices across the country, our team of experts can provide the guidance, analysis, and quality service you need to manage the natural resources on your property. From wetlands and streams to stormwater management and tree inventories, we offer turn-key solutions for clients nationwide.

Why Hire A Forestry Consultant

Who Can Write Arborist Reports?

Arborist reports should be prepared by professionals in arboriculture, who have extensive experience with tree assessment.

DRG arborists who perform arborist reports and tree preservation plans are graduates of post-secondary colleges or universities specializing in arboriculture, forestry, or horticulture, with additional qualifications of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist, or the highest qualification ISA offers, Board Certified Master Arborist. 

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