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Utility providers rely on field inventory data, custom reporting, and tracking websites to allocate time and funding to maximize reliability and help prevent outages. Davey Resource Group, Inc.  (DRG) works directly with our utility clients to create customized data collection and management solutions. 

Our proprietary field and management software suite, combined with extensive experience with a range of other programs can help you leverage your data for both internal and external projects, as well as GIS needs.

DRG ResourceKeeper

All In One: Data Collection, Workflow Management & Reporting

Do it All with ResourceKeeper

Davey’s integrated software solution combines three software platforms - ResourceKeeper Rover, ResourceKeeper Mobile & ResourceKeeper Insight - to provide clients with field collections software, a robust dashboard, and compliance reporting capabilities, for a fully-integrated, end-to-end solution that captures and applies ROW data into actionable information.

From fieldwork to strategic planning, this paperless suite of tools helps you monitor and maintain your assets efficiently and effectively. Plus, with 24/7, U.S.-based support, we can assist you with any technical issues you may have, quickly and efficiently.


Simple, Reliable Data Collection TreeKeeper Tree Inventory Management

Streamline Field Work with TreeKeeper® Tree Inventory Management Software

TreeKeeper is DRG’s proprietary, all-in-one tree inventory management software. It’s designed by urban foresters, for urban foresters, to help you collect higher quality data.

TreeKeeper automatically identifies the data collector’s position by leveraging the device’s GPS, cellular and/or browser location services, and provides editing and data management capabilities online or offline, in the field or in the office.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

For over a decade, DRG has been using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques, along with custom automation, in all processing procedures and workflows.

These leading technologies generate more efficient processing, ensure consistent data quality, and create visual interpretations of large, complex datasets that allow utilities to get a better understanding of their programs.

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