Early Detection To Improve Reliability

Reliability is paramount to any utility company. Schools, businesses, and homes depend on uninterrupted utility services in daily life. By using diagnostic tools, utilities can increase their reliability by spotting potential issues before they affect the customers’ power.

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) provides comprehensive asset intelligence, including diagnostics. DRG’s multi-technology platform, including infrared and ultrasonic technology; Exacter; and AI and machine learning programs, works together to deliver a full picture of utility equipment and infrastructure, providing unprecedented insights into points of risk and identifying action steps to address visible and invisible issues that can affect reliability.


Infrared & Ultrasonic Technology

DRG’s infrared and ultrasonic technology can scan equipment to identify priority hot spots in danger of failure.

This valuable information can help utilities create proactive programs that prioritize hot spots and help avoid outages.

Exacter Technology

Exacter Technology

Exacter’s predictive health analytics are a powerful complement to DRG’s asset management and grid health services.

Exacter’s technology provides early warning signs of failing overhead distribution equipment, which helps address system reliability issues.

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