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The Legal Ripple Effect Of Sackett v. EPA
The 2023 Sackett v. EPA decision has caused a number of legal after-effects, including how existing Clean Waters Act litigation has been handled.
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There’s Still Time To Scan Your Community Trees
Smart tree inventory scans can only be completed during the growing season to gather the most accurate data for your urban forestry projects.
Turning The Tides On Coastal Erosion With Living Shorelines
QuickReef, a proprietary living shoreline system from Native Shorelines, a Davey company, provides coastal erosion control using a unique formulation of natural and man-made materials to mimic oyster reefs.
Getting to the Root of Successful Tree Planting Programs
The success of a tree planting program goes beyond putting young trees into the ground. Preparation and post-planting care promote the survival rate of newly planted trees.
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The State of WOTUS: How Have Regulated Wetlands Changed?
In the months since the Sackett v. EPA decision and new EPA rule for wetland regulations upended the world of wetlands, the reaction from state regulators has varied across the board.
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Tri-Colored Bat Closer to Endangered Listing
As the tri-colored bat gets closer to an endangered listing, some tree clearing projects may have to follow new rules.
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Bringing the Digital Urban Forest to Your Doorstep
DRG and greehill recently completed our North American Tour of workshops across the U.S. to introduce the world to Smart Tree Inventories.
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Show Me The Money
With a recent influx of grant funding, it may become challenging to decide which grants to apply for. These tips can help make the decision making process easier.
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Mitigation Wetlands
Mitigation Wetlands

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