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Equity in Urban Forestry: Are We Moving Forward?
Approximately a year ago the principles of environmental justice began taking the urban and community forestry world by storm. Where do things stand now?
Omar Leon
Leaders in Urban Forestry: Omar Leon
Omar Leon is a community-minded urban forester who centers his programs around the people of Miami Beach.
Beware of Buckthorn
Capable of causing numerous disruptions to the natural ecosystem, the invasive plant species common buckthorn and glossy buckthorn are dangerous plants to spot on your property.
Spraying Invasives? Send in the Drones!
Drones can provide a precise, time-cutting, cost-effective solution to large-scale invasive vegetation control projects.
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Changing Climate Calls for Adaptability
Extreme rainfall, rising temperatures, more frequent drought—as our climate changes, we must plant adaptable tree species for future success.
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Taking a Deep Dive into 319 Grants
Getting a grant sounds great, but filling out a grant application can be daunting. Decoding the requirements and figuring out how to best approach an application can help ease the process.
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Spotted Lanternfly: What You Need to Know
The spotted lanternfly is a dangerous invasive insect. Early detection is critical to stop an infestation, but how can you tell if your trees are at risk?
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Buyer Beware, Buyer Be Aware
Wetland and streams can be invaluable resources, but can also be costly liabilities.
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