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Keeping Your Project Afloat with Wetland Mitigation
Wetland mitigation can be a complex element to tackle during a land development project. This checklist can help ensure your project stays on track.
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No-Fly Zone: Long-Eared Bat Listing Could Impact Projects
It is anticipated that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will finalize its endangered species listing for the northern long-eared bat by March 31, which could lead to delays to projects in suitable habitat areas.
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Save Time & Money Through Compensatory Mitigation
Compensatory mitigation is a complicated concept that aims to offset unavoidable impacts to important environments like streams, wetlands and more. Often unexpected mitigation requirements can cause significant delays in land development projects.
Continuing The Conversation: Environmental Justice
Environmental justice is a movement that is gaining speed within the public and private sectors. With continued growth, environmental justice efforts are becoming more commonplace in regulatory and funding spheres.
WOTUS Woes: The Case Challenging the Clean Water Act
Sackett v EPA is a complicated U.S. Supreme Court case whose decision will affect future development projects. Getting to know this case can help developers prepare for the upcoming ruling.
Going to Bat for Tree Clearing Regulations
Tree clearing regulations help protect endangered bat species’ habitats. Learning what regulations, if any, affect your project sooner rather than later can ensure there are no costly delays.
How to Navigate Tree Ordinances
Tree ordinances help a municipality protect its urban tree canopy, but they can be difficult to follow. Learn the best practices for continuing development while adhering to these local regulations.
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Are You Ready to Spend $1.5B?
The just-signed Inflation Reduction Act contains landmark climate change packages that include federal funds for urban and community forestry projects.
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