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natural areas management

Natural Areas Management

While natural habitats often are able to survive on their own, expert intervention can help them flourish. Davey Resource Group, Inc. has the hands-on experience and scientific know-how to give natural areas the boost to help transform them into thriving ecosystems.

DRG’s natural areas management services can restore, maintain or improve forests, grasslands, wetlands, riparian areas and other natural zones to improve water quality, enhance wildlife habitat and diversify plant species. From assessment to implementation within natural areas of any size, we can assist with:

  • Invasive species control, to improve a natural area’s ecosystem function and vegetation biodiversity
  • Native vegetation installation, to enhance the habitat or restore an area to its natural beauty
  • Prescribed burning, to promote natural succession and revitalize native plants

DRG’s team of biologists, ISA Certified Arborists®, wetland scientists and other professionals offer quality natural areas management services. With extensive experience on a wide variety of projects across diverse regions, we can provide the ultimate solutions to maximize the health and beauty of any natural habitat.

Read more about our work in Natural Areas Management in one of our Project Profiles:

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