Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services Of Oakland

CFCS manages nine cemeteries that vary in size throughout the Bay Area in California. With a list of locations that vary in size, Davey crews ensure each spot is treated with the individual respect it deserves.

Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services of Oakland (CFCS) is a charitable organization that serves the Diocese of Oakland in California. CFCS provides funeral, mortuary, and cemetery services with innovative programs that provide financial assistance, free options, and programs to meet the needs of their community.

CFCS has eight funeral centers and nine cemeteries in the Bay Area that vary in size. With locations from San Pablo to Livermore, and many communities in between, keeping up with the green spaces of these cemeteries can be a challenge.

Since 2019, Davey Tree has performed grounds care on seven of the nine cemeteries for CFCS. Crews are at each site weekly to mow turf areas, string trimming around headstones, and check on the irrigation systems. In the spring and fall, crews perform seasonal plant health care services like fertilization and mulch application and work with local Davey arborists to perform tree care services on an as-needed basis. Davey crews tend to a total of 118 acres across the seven cemeteries.

Working in cemeteries requires knowledge of certain funeral and cemetery etiquette, which Davey crews closely follow. Some rules include avoiding contact with funeral-goers or mourners, closely aligning maintenance work with the cemetery’s preferred policies, and displaying respect as a funeral procession passes through by stopping equipment and removing hats.

With multiple locations across the Bay Area, communication is key for a successful grounds maintenance program. CFCS and Davey crew leaders meet weekly to ensure each location is receiving the service it needs to match up with CFCS’s standards.

Davey Tree understands that cemeteries are hallowed places that must be treated with respect and special care. By working closely with CFCS to understand their unique grounds care needs, Davey ensures cemetery visitors will be met with beautiful green spaces to remember loved ones by.

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