Lake Barrington Shores

Lake Barrington Shores is an active residential community known for its sprawling nature preserves. Davey crews are on-site regularly to maintain the development’s natural beauty.

Lake Barrington Shores in Illinois houses over 1,300 condominiums on 510 acres, including 16 acres of natural areas and a 35-acre forest preserve. Residents lead an active lifestyle, enjoying fishing, boating, and swimming at the 96-acre lake on the property or walking a private three-mile pathway that winds through the forest preserve.

“Many people move here because of the landscape. It’s quite spectacular. With all the mature trees, it’s not your typical 10-year-old condominium community,” Bill Metzler, Lake Barrington Shores Landscape Manager and longtime resident, said.

To keep the property looking picturesque while also maintaining the natural features of the land, Lake Barrington Shores has forged a long-time partnership with Davey Tree. When the property was in development in 1972, Davey was on-site protecting the site’s trees from being damaged during construction. Since then, Davey’s responsibilities have expanded to include routine maintenance such as tree pruning and removals, pest control, and tree fertilization. 

Crews are on-site regularly throughout the year performing seasonal maintenance such as dormant pruning and cyclical pruning. Davey Resource Group (DRG) maintains the forest preserve and natural areas, removing invasive plant species and helping to protect the natural features surrounding the lake and housing clusters.

Davey has become a trusted partner to Lake Barrington Shores, ensuring the property’s leafy shaded areas and park-like native plantings can continue to be enjoyed by its residents. To make sure Lake Barrington Shores’s atmosphere remains as is, future plans for the site include replacing disease prone trees with species that will maintain a healthy canopy.

“I’ve been fortunate to have managers that love this site as much as the homeowners do,” Bill said. “I know the partnership will continue, Davey has done everything possible to make this site beautiful.”

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