Lake View Cemetery

Lake View Cemetery is not only a resting place for lost loved ones, but also a destination for visitors in Cleveland, Ohio. With winding roads, large canopy trees, and beautiful botanical gardens, Lake View Cemetery needed a forward-thinking partner to keep the grounds in top shape.

Lake View Cemetery is known for its winding roads, large canopy trees, beautiful botanical gardens, and eye-catching funerary art that makes it a highly visited destination in Cleveland, Ohio. Spanning over 285 acres, Lake View has several noteworthy features on-site, including four historic trees that were present when Moses Cleaveland landed on the shore of the Cuyahoga River to establish the city and Daffodil Hill, a garden of over 100,000 yellow daffodils which is popular in community photography.

With the amount of mature trees and plant life surrounding Lake View Cemetery’s historic grounds, routine maintenance can be a challenge. At the start of their partnership, Lake View Cemetery enlisted the environmental consulting team of Davey Tree’s subsidiary, Davey Resource Group, Inc., to provide a detailed inventory of the cemetery’s trees and deliver it to Lake View’s staff in an easily accessible format to assist property managers with planning maintenance budget and mitigate risk of damage by fallen limbs. Providing this valuable information cemented Lake View and Davey’s partnership, building a level of comfort and trust that the crew has the best interest of the client in mind.

Lake View Cemetery is a ONEDavey client, with multiple divisions involved in caring for the grounds. Davey’s landscaping division provides weekly mowing and grounds maintenance services during the growing season as well as spring and fall clean-ups. The tree care division maintains Lake View’s mature tree population with regular pruning, fertilization and plant health care. Lake View Cemetery also benefits from the expertise of the Davey Institute, who consults with cemetery staff on the ecological health and function of their ponds. The Institute is also helping to develop bioswales on the property, which helps purify stormwater and runoff before it enters the sewer system.

Davey communicates with Lake View’s staff daily to make sure crews are aligned with management on upcoming tasks and high-priority areas. The Davey team on-site does their best to make sure they are providing the families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one a pleasant, peaceful environment while they are carrying out their work. To prove this commitment, Davey implemented new battery-powered equipment to help reduce noise for visitors and be more environmentally friendly.

Lake View Cemetery President and CEO Katharine Goss calls Davey “a thought-leader in the industry,” saying, “It’s very critical to be a steward of the vision of our founding fathers who wanted this to be a place for eternity. Being able to partner with a quality company that can bring so many resources to the table for us is very important. It works very well with Davey.”

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