Ewing Cemetery

Davey crews perform a variety of projects to continue Ewing Cemetery’s mission to be a gathering place for families and visitors.

Since 1893, Ewing Cemetery has been helping residents remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones while also providing a tranquil public space for the Trenton, New Jersey community. Founded as a Lot Owners Association, Ewing’s land was given to the Association by Dr. John Stockton Hough and his family actively managed the cemetery until 2006 when management transferred to Lucille Palmieri. After Lucille retired in 2016, Marie Palmieri took over as president and CEO.

Sitting on a modest 36 acres, Ewing Cemetery has a rich history within the Trenton community, housing notable residents such as founder John Stockton Hough, American singer Sarah Dash, and many past mayors of Trenton. Perhaps Ewing’s most notable event was the cremation of Albert Einstein in the spring of 1955.

With over 80% of the space in the cemetery sold, Ewing wanted to continue contributing to the community by “bringing in new life” through a sustainable, park-like environment. With this goal in mind, Marie approached Davey at a conference in 2019 to discuss some of the cemetery’s landscape needs. Following the conversation, Marie and Davey advisors walked the grounds and assessed the condition of the landscape including any potential liabilities, priority maintenance, and recommendations that needed to be addressed, such as pruning, tree removals, and pest or disease treatment. With the help of the Davey Resource Group (DRG), Ewing began using TreeKeeper® software to help inventory and manage the trees and their maintenance cycles on the property. In the spring of 2022, DRG completed an inventory of Ewing’s shrubs.

Davey is on-site as needed for various projects including tree care and maintenance, tree plantings and removals, landscape renovation and enhancements, and storm cleanup.

Davey has also been integral to the process of applying for arboretum accreditation. Davey worked with Marie to develop Ewing’s arboretum plan and application and they expect to receive level 1 accreditation by the end of 2022.

“Davey is an integral part of my team. They feel like family when they come in here, they’re an extension of my everyday crew,” Marie says.

Ewing Cemetery has big plans for the future, including a 6,200 square foot Center for Life Celebration. The center will host gathering families or educational events, and Davey will help install 27 new plant species as part of its landscaping. The center, shrub inventory, and new plant species will help Ewing Cemetery reach level 2 arboretum accreditation.

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