Cypress Lawn

Cypress Lawn, a premiere Bay Area cemetery, leverages its strategic partnership with Davey to keep up maintenance on over 3,000 trees.

Since 1892, Cypress Lawn has been a place of gathering for families and visitors alike in the Bay Area. Sitting on over 200 acres of land in Colma, California, Cypress Lawn became one of the main burial sites for the San Francisco area after all burials were banned within city limits in 1900. Cypress is known for serving as the final resting place for the Hearst family as well as other notable San Francisco residents such as Charles de Young, a founder of the San Francisco Chronicle; singer Eddie Fisher; and Hiram Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt’s running mate in the 1912 election.

Along with being a final resting place for loved ones, Cypress Lawn takes pride in welcoming its visitors with tranquil, lush landscapes, including a high volume of vibrant trees. Cypress is a level 1 accredited arboretum with over 100 tree species and over 3,000 individual trees in the cemetery.

In 2014, Cypress Lawn needed a highly-skilled crew to remove a hazardous cypress tree from their property. They called on Davey Tree, who removed the tree in only one week after initial contact. Davey and Cypress have since established a strategic partnership to help maintain the cemetery’s park-like atmosphere and keep trees on the property healthy through routine tree care maintenance and high-detailed pruning

Since Cypress is an active cemetery, the safety of on-site crews and visitors alike is of the utmost importance. Davey crews regularly perform hazard tree pruning, which ensures the safety of the visitors and funerary art on the property and also keeps an open line of communication going during riskier projects to maintain a culture of crew safety.

Davey understands the importance of cemeteries and memorial parks not only as a final resting place for loved ones, but also as an area of visitation that can be made more enjoyable through verdant green spaces. Davey is proud to help Cypress retain its reputation as a premiere cemetery in the Bay Area.

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