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Storm hardening identifies areas where maintenance is necessary to improve a utility system’s ability to withstand a major weather event. This includes vegetation removal along rights-of-way and improvements or reinforcements to poles where power lines connect to critical infrastructure, which includes essential services such as healthcare facilities and emergency responders. 

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) performs data collection and assessments in the field to identify conditions that meet the utility’s storm hardening criteria. Unlike its competitors, DRG has a substantial team of vegetation and asset management experts who can provide comprehensive storm hardening services. 

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Our Commitment To Safety

Keep it Safe! is a universal motto among Davey's employee owners. Regardless of geographic location, job class, or work environment, Davey employee owners share a common goal - getting the job done safely. For Davey employees, safety is more than a line on a job description or a condition of employment.

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