Indiana Rail Road

By utilizing an all-encompassing vendor to provide mechanical and herbicide solutions, Davey’s Rail Division provides timely and efficient vegetation control on railways throughout southern Indiana and central Illinois.

The Challenge

The Indiana Rail Road (INRD) is a privately held 500-mile freight railroad that hauls a variety of consumer goods, energy, and industrial products throughout southern Indiana and central Illinois. As an active community participant, INRD operates the annual Santa Train during the holiday season and supports education and public safety through community grants.

The rail company also demonstrates its commitment to the community by investing in a robust vegetation management plan to protect their assets and employees. INRD CEO Dewanye Swindall connected with Davey Rail Services looking to form a true partnership for their vegetation management program. By working strategically with one vendor, Dewayne believes that when you are given quality and efficient service with a fair price, it creates a working partnership providing value for all the stakeholders.

The Solution

Since 2021, Davey crews have used mechanical and herbicide solutions to clear and maintain the right of way for the INRD. Using specialized high-rail spray trucks, crews applied herbicide on leafy vegetation while bucket trucks, chippers, SkyTrims, excavators, and mulchers were used for woodier vegetation.

Davey’s five-person crew cleared crossings and areas with signage, improving line-of-sight for operators traversing the railway. All critical areas surrounding the tracks were also cleared, ensuring less safety hazards that can occur if vegetation is encroaching the tracks while providing a space for operators to perform inspections if needed.

The work Davey has performed for INRD also helps the company meet federally required standards for encroaching vegetation on railways.

The Results

Davey is continually working on clearing the 500-mile railroad for INRD, with 71 miles sprayed and 50 miles mechanically trimmed since 2021.

With help from Davey’s team of experts operating safely and efficiently, INRD is able to coordinate both mechanical and spray work with little train delay. Utilizing a team of experts in their field with a partnership mentality, Davey helps the INRD maintain a safe railway for the communities in which they operate.

With Davey’s expertise, the Indiana Rail Road is able to maintain a safe railway for the communities in which they operate.
Davey used specialized equipment to trim vegetation along the rights-of-way of the Indiana Rail Road.
Davey crews cleared crossings and areas with signage, improving line-of-sight for train operators.
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Two Employees

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