In this NJ Home magazine article, Dan Herms, vice president of research and development at the Davey Institute, talks about climate facing trees and combating climate change.  

Posted: October 21, 2022

Trees during fall

For homeowners, planting trees is not only a way to beautify our properties, it’s also an effective way to combat or even reverse the effects of climate change. But which trees should we plant? 

In the Garden State, trees that many of us are accustomed to planting likely will not survive as plant hardiness zones (which demonstrate the amount of stress trees can undergo from cold temperatures) push northward. This means that our current trees—including boreal and some northern hardwood forest species like paper birch, spruces, firs and sugar maple—may not be effective in combating climate change, says Dan Herms, vice president of research and development at the Davey Institue. NJ HOME spoke with Herms, an ecologist, about the best trees for our state. 

To read the rest of Dan’s advice, click here.

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