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  • Traditional Pole Testing & Treatment
  • Resistograph Inspection
  • Underground Inspection
  • Infrared Inspection
  • Exacter (RFI) Inspection

Transmission Infrastructure

  • Steel Tower Inspection

Pole Restoration

  • Pole Trussing
  • Pole Reclassification
  • Fiber Wrap
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With a variety of inspection solutions, DRG can help utilities monitor and maintain their infrastructure across the right-of-way, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’re working with an industry leader.

Infrared Inspection

Overheated electrical equipment is often one of the first signs of an impending outage. We use advanced thermal imaging infrared cameras (FLIR T-640) to provide reliable inspections of utility infrastructure, then our certified thermography professionals perform a holistic scan of various equipment across your system.

Exacter Inspection

Using Exacter's patented radiofrequency technology, our teams pinpoint locations and circuits with problematic conditions that warrant repair. After we’ve identified these conditions, our ultrasonic technology works together with Exacter's technology to find the specific equipment at the source of the issue.

Resistance Drill Inspection

Wood utility poles are a critical part of the utility infrastructure in the U.S., and monitoring their strength and resilience is crucial to preventing incidents and outages. Our teams can perform resistance drill tests on poles to determine their health and assess the risk to your network.

Underground Inspection

Davey has the capabilities and expertise to inspect and repair all types of underground equipment from padmount transformers to underground switchgears. We also have the capabilities to do minor repairs, perform internal inspections, and update underground GIS systems.


Transmission Infrastructure

The combined effects of age, weather, land use, and other factors take a toll on steel transmission structures and their components - and transmission outages can be incredibly costly for utility providers. Davey Resource Group, Inc. has the experience, technology, and solutions to help you identify damaged or weakened components before they cause an impact on your infrastructure.

Steel Tower Inspection

Our teams will walk the right of way to assess and identify any potential issues with your existing towers and wood infrastructure, and report any maintenance needs. We then test new sites or existing locations, to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment. We can also evaluate the potential connectivity of a site - i.e. integrating substations and solar farms - so you can find the best locations for new construction.


Pole Restoration

Existing wood poles are an integral part of today’s utility infrastructure, and maintaining this equipment is critical to utility customers everywhere. Inspecting, monitoring, and maintaining these poles requires boots on the ground, combined with accurate, real-time data. Our field teams can provide you the information you need to quickly make decisions about the health and resilience of your network.

Traditional Pole Test & Treatment

When poles need to be assessed, Davey Resource Group teams perform a series of tests to determine any weaknesses, pest damage, or weather-related issues, then take the appropriate action to address the problem. After we fully analyze the pole, we can determine what type of treatment is needed (external, internal, or both) to help maintain grid resiliency.

Pole Restoration

DRG analyzes each pole and determines the pole strength to determine the correct pole restoration technique and can provide a single truss, double truss or extended truss that will reclassify the heightened class of the pole, if the pole is currently overloaded. Based on state regulations, DRG has the expertise to offer fiber wrap restoration as needed.

Featured Client Success Stories

DSC 4850
Communication Utility

DRG Offsets Excess Pole Load By Removing Unused Copper Drop Wire

After a Southwest U.S. communications company upgraded to fiber lines, DRG was called in to help remove old copper drop wires from homes and businesses in several states, saving the communications company money while removing unnecessary pole load.
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DSC 5350
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

DRG’s Full System Verification Helps Utility Decrease Outage Frequency In Michigan

DRG’s system inventory provides a Michigan utility with the most recent information on their distribution system, allowing the utility to make informed decisions that can decrease outage duration and frequency.
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DSC 5990
Electric Co-op Utility

DRG Helps Northern Neck Electric Cooperative Bring High Speed Internet To Members In Warsaw, VA

Northern Neck Electric Cooperative and All Points Broadband partnered for an initiative to bring broadband internet to members in northeastern Virginia. DRG’s team of experts are helping to complete this mission with a full-scale service, including design and construction.
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DSC 5950
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

DRG Expands Midwestern Utility’s Double Wood Removal Program

Davey Resource Group crews work in Florida, the Carolinas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana to remove hazardous two-pole conditions.
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DSC 5984
Electric Co-op Utility

TVEC Data Collection Project Is First Step To Completing Fiber Upgrades In Hardin County, TN

Davey Resource Group collected location data on over 11 million feet of lines for TVEC, which will be used to design a route for fiber line installation.
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DSC 5052
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

DRG Joint Use Application Review Helps Keeps PNM’s Customers Up To Date With Improved Technology

Davey Resource Group, Inc. performs a detailed review of Public Service Company of New Mexico’s joint-use applications, ensuring communications companies and other service providers can safely attach to PNM’s poles.
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DSC 5987
Electric Co-op Utility

DRG Brings Presque Isle Electric & Gas Members One Step Closer To Broadband Internet Access

DRG performed a full-system inventory for PIEG to jumpstart the utility’s fiber to the home project.
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Vm Stock Banner31440x500
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

A Texas Utility Calls On DRG For Routine Pole Inspection & Restoration

A Texas utility stays ahead of outages by inspecting the distribution poles in their service area annually.
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Utility Css Southeastern Electric Cooperative Banner
Electric Co-op Utility

DRG Inspects 5,000 Poles In Oklahoma

Using sound and visual inspection methods, DRG assessed utility poles to help Southeastern Electric Cooperative prioritize pole replacements throughout their system
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Dsc 9358
Electric Investor-Owned Utility

DRG's Drone Fleet Tackles State-Spanning Project

DRG helped bolster electric service reliability by conducting a comprehensive visual inspection of various locations for a Texas utility using U.S. drones to collect high-resolution imagery.
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