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DRG’s system inventory provides a Michigan utility with the most recent information on their distribution system, allowing the utility to make informed decisions that can decrease outage duration and frequency.

The Challenge

Electricity is essential to daily life, and frequent outages can be detrimental to homes and businesses within a utility’s service area. Utilities can put proactive measures in place, such as routine line clearance and infrastructure updates, to decrease outage frequency. The first step for a number of these measures includes knowing the location and condition of infrastructure in a system.

A Michigan-based utility wanted to ensure their customers were receiving the best possible service with infrequent interruptions. Partnering with Davey Resource Group (DRG), the utility wanted to get a full picture of infrastructure in both their underground and above ground distribution systems.

The Solution

In 2016, DRG started a full verification for the utility’s overhead distribution system across their entire service area in Michigan. Taking note of every piece of equipment on the pole throughout the distribution system, DRG gathered data on over 2 million structures and created a map based on their findings.

Once the overhead distribution system work was completed in 2020, DRG began the verification process on underground systems located in larger cities, including Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Jackson, Flint, and Saginaw. As of April 2023, DRG has mapped around 1,900 underground structures and expects to map 2,400 structures total.

The Results

The utility will have the most recent information available about their distribution system on hand once the verification work is complete, allowing the utility to work quickly in the event of an outage or create maintenance plans that can prevent future outages.

With decreased outage frequency, the utility continues to uphold their commitment to delivering reliable services that power Michigan communities.

In 2016, DRG started taking note of every piece of equipment on every pole throughout their service area in Michigan.
DRG gathered data on over 2 million structures during their fully system verification and created a map based on their findings.
Once overhead system verification was completed, DRG began the process for the utility’s underground systems located in larger cities.
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