Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative

Davey Resource Group collected location data on over 11 million feet of lines for TVEC, which will be used to design a route for fiber line installation.

The Challenge

Fiber-to-the-home projects are gaining traction in both rural and urban communities throughout the U.S., and with good reason. With faster internet speeds and more reliable connections than traditional cable internet, fiber installation is rapidly growing alongside the increasing need for internet connection.

Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative (TVEC) wanted to provide the best quality internet service to their members in Savannah and Waynesboro, TN by installing fiber lines. For the first step of the process, TVEC called on Davey Resource Group (DRG) to perform an inventory of the cooperative’s system.

The Solution

Eight field staff from DRG’s Asset Management team used FieldMaps, an ArcGIS mapping software, to locate all poles and line footage in TVEC’s service area. By traveling on foot, in vehicles, and on ATVs, DRG provided TVEC with a point-to-point reference of underground and above ground primary and secondary lines throughout their system.

DRG gathered data on over 11 million feet of lines throughout TVEC’s service area. Once the data was collected, DRG delivered it to TVEC and the contractor in charge of designing the fiber route.

The Results

DRG completed the inventory in about 6 months, starting in July 2022 and finishing by January 2023. With the inventory data on hand, TVEC is one step closer to completing their fiber-to-the-home project.

Once fiber-to-the-home is established, TVEC’s members will be able to connect their homes and businesses to high-speed, broadband internet that can keep pace with the modern day demands of work, school, and home.

DRG traveled on foot, in vehicles, and on ATVs to gather utility line data for Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative’s fiber-to-the-home project
DRG gathered data on over 11 million feet of lines in Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative’s service area.
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